Can we edit certificate?

Select a certificate

This will allow us to identify ourselves on the Internet as well as to exchange information with other people or organizations, with the guarantee that only we and our interlocutor can access it.

To revoke a certificate is to cancel its validity before the expiration date stated on it. The revocation can be requested by the user at any time, especially when the holder believes that the security of his private key may have been compromised.

A question we always ask ourselves is if this Digital Certificate can only be used in the Junta de Castilla y León. This is not the case. The Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) has a Digital Certificate that can be used only in the Junta de Castilla y León.

The attachments with other formats will try to be converted automatically, as long as their extension is one of the following: xml, doc, docx, jpg, gif, png, txt, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, dot, csv.

It is also possible to attach documents previously signed by third parties. This signature can be done using the application Electronic signature of private documents which can be accessed through the citizen’s window.

How to update the Digital Certificate data?

Click on the “Trust Manager” category and in the Automatic updates of EU approved trusted certificates section click on the “Update now” button. When it is updated it will show a message “Security settings have been successfully updated”.

How to change email Digital Certificate?

1355 – Is it possible to modify the e-mail address associated to the certificate? No, the e-mail address that appears in the certificate cannot be modified, if you want to modify it you will have to request a new certificate.

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How do I operate with the Digital Certificate?

The Digital Certificate is a digital document that guarantees and allows to identify people on the Internet. It consists of the identification data authenticated by the Treasury or Social Security. The most important thing is that it allows the electronic signature of documents in a fast, simple and secure way.

Digital Certificate Manager

For certificates issued by Enterprise, the validity period is defined in the template used to create the certificate. Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition do not support modification of these templates. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition version 2 certificate templates can be modified. The validity period defined in the template applies to all certificates issued by any Enterprise certificate authority in the Active Directory forest. A certificate issued by a certification ENTITY is valid for the minimum of the following time periods:

This applies to Enterprise ca. Templates supported by Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition cannot be modified. Templates supported by Windows Server Enterprise Edition (version 2 templates) support modification.

How to retrieve Digital Certificate Number?

Click on Tools – Options. Click the Advanced icon, the Encryption tab and the “View certificates” button. Double-click on the certificate for which you want to know the serial number. In the General tab you can see the serial number of the certificate.

How to sign an e-mail with a digital certificate?

Compose your mail. Go to File – Properties. In the “Security Settings” button check the box “Add digital signature to this message”. In the “Change settings” button check that in the Certificates and algorithms section your certificate is selected.

How to change email address in Agencia Tributaria?

Modify your e-mail address on the website

Access the “Modify e-mail” option in the “Other procedures” section of the “[email protected] Registration” procedure. You can access the procedure with [email protected] PIN and certificate or electronic ID.

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Problems with the digital certificate

TLS requires the server to present a certificate as part of the initial configuration phase. The client when connecting verifies that the server’s certificate is valid for the URL from which the service is provided.

The certificate is downloaded to the browser on the computer where it has been requested. It does not need to be saved on the hard disk and can be exported directly to a removable device (such as a USB memory stick).

To process it, the user must go to the FNMT website and install the FNMT-RCM CONFIGURATOR,[5] after which the user must follow the instructions of the wizard and then restart the computer.

4. Downloading the FNMT Certificate: after proving your identity at a Registry Office and using the code obtained in step 2, you can download the certificate from a specific link.[7] For CERES cards,[8] and for CERES cards,[9] you can download the certificate from a specific link[10].

For CERES cards,[9] in Mozilla you must register the cryptographic card device to make use of it. To do this, go to Options->Advanced->Security Device. You have to load the cryptographic module FNMT PKCS11.

What does a digital certificate allow us to do?

The digital certificate allows the electronic signature of documents The receiver of a signed document can be sure that it is the original and has not been manipulated and the author of the electronic signature cannot deny the authorship of this signature. … The Electronic Signature can only be made with the private key.

What benefits do digital certificates provide?

With the digital certificate and the electronic signature, paper is saved, space is saved to store documentation, administration work is saved, time is saved and money is saved. It avoids long procedures, delivery of forms, trips to official agencies, among others. Security and integrity.

What is a certificate number?

The Certificate of Number is that document in which a property is identified within the commune, with a unique digit within the street where it is located. For example, the number of the property located at 422 Bandera Street is the one that accompanies the name of the street, i.e. 422. …

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How to modify the data of my vaccination certificate

The General Directorate of Civil Registration, Identification and Identification (DIGERCIC), has as its institutional mission “To provide comprehensive identification services of persons and registration of civil acts and events through physical and electronic means, ensuring transparency, quality, security and timely use of information, thus contributing to Good Living”.

In order to improve user satisfaction, DIGERCIC implements a portal through which citizens can obtain electronic certificates of birth, de facto union and marriage in a timely manner, accessing them from any point with internet access. These services contribute to the environment with the use of electronic documents.

This document allows the user / citizen to learn about the functionalities that the Web Portal has from: creating an access account, obtaining certificates of facts and civil acts with various forms of payment, validation of certificates and obtaining electronic invoicing.