Can you do a damp proof course yourself?

Waterproofing tanks and cisterns with SikaTop

The National Organization for Standardization and Certification of Construction and Building, S.C. (ONNCCE) is a nationally recognized civil society dedicated to the development of standardization, certification and verification activities, whose purpose is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of products, processes, systems and services.

A private, non-profit trust, established in 1990, at the initiative of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), in support of the Electric Energy Saving Program, to assist in the actions of saving and efficient use of electricity.

Its objective is to carry out actions to induce and promote the saving and efficient use of electricity in industries, commerce and services, MSMEs, municipalities, residential and agricultural sectors.

FIDE Seal: This is a distinctive seal that is awarded to products that directly or indirectly affect electric energy savings. It is a guarantee of compliance with energy efficiency standards and an additional savings bonus.


Both types of roofs require a system of layers, which establishes a reference for the personnel in charge of their maintenance. It consists of the use of different types of soils, mats and other types of materials that allow retaining nutrients and at the same time expelling waste by-products. Through this system of layers, a soil profile is reproduced that favors the drainage process allowing the liquid to filter safely while nourishing the plants.

Recent studies and advances have resulted in a new form of green roof known as comprehensive roofing. This format supports a wide variety of plants, normally used in intensive roofs, while allowing for a greater amount of vegetation as extensive roofs.

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– Due to the amount of work and economic cost involved in installing a green roof, its use by the community generates new jobs and therefore increased revenue for local businesses.

How to waterproof

SENA and Cementos Argos joined forces in 2008 to improve the technical knowledge of construction workers, first in Medellín and then extending the program to Bogotá, Cali and Barranquilla.

Currently, and with the consolidation of the Alliance with SENA, construction workers can access two benefits: complementary training courses and certification process to obtain the title of “General Master of Works in Buildings”.

The purpose of this training alliance is for construction workers to strengthen their knowledge and update their knowledge of the best practices and trends in construction, thus enabling them to qualify the labor force of the guild, and for their colleagues and clients to recognize them more for their work.

Enrolling in the Argos training program will not only help you improve your working conditions, with the possibility of accessing better jobs and higher incomes, but your quality of life will be better because you can offer more benefits to your family members in education, recreation and assistance.

Take it yourself

The Centro Nacional de Educación a Distancia, an entity affiliated to Instituto ALDEY and Instituto IADE, specializes in the development, production and delivery of training courses and distance learning. Its headquarters are located in downtown Montevideo, at 832 Mercedes Street, in front of the National Auditorium of the Sodre Dr. Adela Reta.

Our Training Service is certified by LSQA (LATU – Quality Austria) under international standard ISO 29993 in the following areas: Agriculture; Air Conditioning; Construction and related areas; Education; Aesthetics, Health and Beauty; Electrical Engineering; Business; Gastronomy; Vehicle Mechanics; Technology; Clothing.

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Learning is online and is done through explanations and procedures in videos and/or texts and other interactive content. The student can also receive support through online classes or by other means (e-mail, telephone, chat, etc.) from our experienced teachers and the kind attention of our educational advisors.

In certain courses, the student can also attend practical classes in the workshops and laboratories of Instituto ALDEY and Instituto IADE (Electrical Engineering, Automotive and Diesel Mechanics, Motorcycle Mechanics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Locksmithing, Hairdressing, Cell Phone Repair).