Do I get my money back if I cancel my theory test?

Theoretical exam review dgt

Hello! I suspended at the beginning of May the practical test of driving class B. Due to exams, and lack of time I decided to leave it parked for a while. Now I have resumed it but I am working from 11 to 20 hours. I have days off, so coinciding one of my days off with an exam date next week I want to go. The problem is that from the driving school they have told me that from traffic they are delaying exams, that even traffic calls you and tells you that the exam of such date is changed for the next day, or the following week. Something that I can not afford, because I work and if I have to ask permission to work to get off a particular day I have to do it in advance.  That’s why I wonder, once the papers have been presented to the Traffic Department to go to the exam, what would be the justified causes for not missing the exam? would the fact that I work be enough? it is that I only need to miss the exam, because they themselves change the date of the exam with no advance notice, and on top of that I have to pay them fees again!!!!  This is pa matarlooos!!! Thank you very much

How to cancel the theoretical driving test?

In person, delivering all the documentation at any Jefatura or Traffic Office. In this case, you need to request an appointment online or by calling 060. 2. Online, through the electronic registry of the Administration’s general access point.

How much does it cost to change papers from one driving school to another?

How to change driving school and how much you will have to pay

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Go to your new driving school and ask there to make the corresponding change. They will take care of the file transfer and you will have to pay those 8,40 euros that correspond to the traffic fees.

What happens if I miss the theoretical exam?

Do not forget to bring your proof of payment when taking the theoretical driving test. … If a person has lost this document, he/she should not pay again to obtain another voucher since it will not work for the enrolled test, he/she should show up on time on the day of his/her appointment and ask for another password to be provided.

After the theoretical driving test

The first thing you should know is that yes, you can change driving schools and get your license, or finish your license, in another driving school other than the one where you started. Now, we are going to explain how to change driving schools and tell you all the details you need to know about it, such as what precautions to take and what problems may arise.

Go to your new driving school and ask there to make the corresponding change. They will take care of the file transfer and you will have to pay those 8.40 euros that correspond to the traffic fees. In addition to that, you will also have to pay the new registration fee at your new driving school. All this is a quick and easy process, but it is important that it is done in the correct way to avoid duplication of data or any kind of problem with your record.

As far as possible, both to avoid having to do additional paperwork and to avoid having to pay more than necessary, it is recommended not to change driving schools while we are getting our driving license. And, if we are going to do so, it is best that we at least wait until we have passed a part of it. That is to say, to do it once we have passed the theoretical, for example, to waste less time and complicate things a little less with our learning process.

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When do I take the theoretical exam?

Once you have passed the psychophysical tests at the medical center, you have three months to take the theoretical exam before it expires. … As soon as you pass the theoretical exam, the medical examination lasts for two years, which is the time you have to pass the practical exam.

Where to ask for a DGT test certificate?

Enter the Electronic Headquarters of the DGT, in the section Consult your exam grade and fill in the requested fields. Check that you have passed all the tests and that you are fit to drive. Click on the tab below ‘Obtain authorization’ to generate the document in pdf and print it on paper.

What happens if I fail the practical?

7. If I fail the practical driving test, how long can I retake it? If you do not pass the first practical test, you can take the next one whenever you want; if you fail the second one, you must wait at least 12 days before trying again.

Dgt exam

In order to generate your appointment, you must comply with all the requirements defined for the procedure. You can see the requirements for each procedure in our web page, section Driver’s License.

In the case of outstanding tickets, we suggest that you review your history on the following page: . You will be able to make the payment of tickets within our procedures portal or through an automatic teller machine.    If you have an outstanding bill and it does not appear in your history that you wish to pay it, you must go to an ATTT office so that they can proceed to capture it.

You can check your tickets on our web page, by clicking on the upper right hand side “Check your driving record and pending infractions”

How do I know if I passed the theoretical driving test?

The first thing you have to do is to enter the web site for exam notes consultation, whose URL address is On this page, you must click on the option Yes certificate to access the online consultation of the notes.

How many questions can be missed in the theoretical exam?

The theoretical exam to obtain the B driving license consists of 30 multiple-choice questions (generally with three possible answers) that must be answered in a maximum of 30 minutes. In order for the DGT to consider the exam passed, a maximum of three mistakes are allowed. With four errors, the theory test is failed.

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How many questions can be failed in the theoretical exam?

But, how many questions does the theory test have? The DGT sets 30 questions, and no more than 10% of mistakes in the answers are allowed. In other words, only 3 mistakes can be made. Each question has between two and three answers, and only one will be correct.

Appointment for the dgt theory exam

In order to take the exam, the applicant, between the second and third summons, must wait at least 12 calendar days, being 18 days the minimum period to take the exam in the following and successive summons.

Yes, you can. Give 24 hours notice and the practice will not be charged. In case of cancellation in less time we can not refund the money because the teacher will have the scheduled day and will be waiting for you.

At RIBES Driving School we are committed to transparency and clarity, let’s be realistic: it is not possible to guarantee a pass (as it depends on many factors) but we can assure you that with our method the percentage of first time passes in theory and practice is really very high.