Do I need an electrical certificate when selling my house?

Energy certificate

In order to sell a house it is necessary to collect a series of documents and to make a few formalities and one of them is the energy certificate. This document is nothing more than an indicator of the level of energy required by a property and also proves how energy efficient a house is from an energy point of view.

It is very important for the buyer, as it can inform him of how much energy a property consumes and, therefore, how much the cost of supplies may be. However, a recurring doubt among sellers is the following: is it mandatory or recommended to have the energy certificate? The financial comparator gives the answer.

Thus, having the energy certificate can not only help in the negotiation with the buyer, but also avoids the possibility of losing the sale or even facing a financial penalty.

How to obtain the energy certificate: To obtain the certificate it is necessary to hire the services of a qualified technician. He will have to visit the house to measure the energy consumption and evaluate the state of the electrical installations. From these data, the expert will elaborate a report that will include the results and a series of improvements that can be realized in the house to raise the qualification, explain from

What happens if I sell a house without an energy certificate?

According to this sanctioning regime, not having the energy efficiency certificate to sell the apartment, valid, registered and in force, is considered a serious infringement. Consequently, such infringement may be punished with a fine of €601 to €1,000.

What happens if I don’t have the energy efficiency certificate?

If you have a home and you have not yet taken the energy certificate seriously, it is time to do so because, not doing so, can result in fines of up to 6,000 euros, according to Law 8/2013 of rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewal.

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How much does the energy efficiency certificate cost?

It is estimated that, on average, the price of the energy efficiency certificate has a cost of 1.50 €/m2. Therefore, in a 50-100 m2 house, the cost of the energy certificate can be around 60-130 €.

Energy certificate spain

Contact the certifying technician in the area of your choice and make an appointment to visit your home. In this visit to the property, the certifying technician will make a sketch and take measurements of the rooms, check the materials of the facade and enclosures and inspect the heating and air conditioning installations.

Then, the certifying technician will make a plan of the building and enter the building data into a computer program to obtain the energy rating. To calculate the energy rating, the following are taken into account: exterior enclosure materials, carpentry and type of windows, air-conditioning systems, etc.

With the results obtained from the calculation, the energy certificate is generated, which indicates the degree of energy efficiency of the building. This rating ranges from the letter “A” to the letter “G”. In addition, the owner will receive a dossier with suggestions for improvement to rehabilitate the property and get a better rating.

How do I know if I need an energy certificate for my house?

At any time you can enter the website of the Institut Català de l’Energia and check property by property if you have an energy certificate. The interesting thing about this page is that you can not only make the consultation, but you can also download the duplicate of the energy certificate.

Which homes do not require an energy certificate?

If you want to sell or rent a single-family dwelling or an isolated local, of less than 50 m2, you do not have to process the energy efficiency certificate, you are exempted. But this exemption does not apply to an apartment of less than 50 square meters in a building.

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Who is obliged to have the energy efficiency certificate?

In short, the energy efficiency certificate or energy certificate is mandatory for any owner who wishes to rent or sell a property (country house, town house, apartment, office or premises) before signing the sale or rental contract.

How can I sell my house without intermediaries?

The assumptions listed are the most common in which as an owner you will need to accredit the energy certification, although the regulations delimit more precisely the cases in which the energy efficiency certificate is mandatory.

Royal Decree 235/2013 for the certification of the energy efficiency of buildings establishes that this document is essential whenever buildings or parts of buildings, such as apartments, apartments or commercial premises, are sold or rented.

If your home is among those that necessarily have to have the energy efficiency certificate, the first moment of a sale or lease in which you will have to accredit its possession will be when you go to a real estate agency to sell or rent your property and whenever you place any advertisement about your offer that, by law, must include the energy efficiency label.

This label is given to the owner of the property once the certificate is registered. This must also be included in the purchase contract and must be given to the buyer of the property.

How do I know if I have an energy certificate?

Access can be made through three ways: Through the certificate search engine you can download the energy efficiency label of any building registered in the registry. It allows you to search for address, procedure code or cadastral reference.

How long does the energy efficiency certificate last?

Validity and updating of the energy certificate

The energy performance certificate for buildings is valid for ten years.

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When is an energy certificate mandatory?

When you must have the Energy Efficiency Certificate. The energy efficiency certificate is mandatory for the sale and rental of real estate since June 1, 2013. Both for new and existing buildings. It is also mandatory at the time of offering or advertising its sale or rental.

Selling a house step by step

At CMS Inmobiliaria we know the importance of having all the documents up to date at the time of any real estate process. Complying with the necessary bureaucracy to sell your house, rent an apartment or buy a local, is essential to ensure the efficiency of the procedures.

But beyond simply materializing a transaction, it is important to know that the energetic rehabilitation of a property serves to revalue its price considerably. Evidently, the electrical efficiency of a house is a very important parameter because of the great savings it can provide. Therefore, incorporating the savings in energy costs when selling a house or an apartment will increase the overall value of the same in the short and medium term.

After obtaining this certificate, the next step is to receive the energy label. This label identifies properties with different ratings. For example, energy efficiency A (colored green) represents the best rating, while energy efficiency G (colored red) is the worst of all.