How do I become a CIM associate?

Integrated Marketing Communication examples

Integrated Marketing Communication, or IMC, refers to the integration of all brand promotion methods to promote a product or service in the marketplace. In IMC all aspects work together for maximum profitability and increased sales.

“IMC ran the world, becoming the accepted norm for companies, and apparently, for agencies who source their need … Clearly, IMC is here to stay” (Kitchen et al., 2004, p.19).

Integrated marketing communication is essential for the success of marketing plans and strategies in the business-to-business segment, mainly those related to the objectives of market share and value increase, seeking profit maximization. Thus achieving a total marketing communication strategy aimed at sending its message and creating relationships with customers, showing how the company and its products can meet their needs.

The importance of Integrated Marketing Communication can be summarized as the importance of communicating correctly to the target markets, so the organization must first be analyzed so that the transmission of its messages occurs correctly (OGDEN, CRESCITELLI, 2007).

What do participants do in the CIM process?

The objective of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is, as the name suggests, to coordinate and integrate all the marketing communication tools, channels and sources of an organization. This integration, which encompasses activities such as advertising, public relations, CRM, event management, etc., is a key element of the CIM process.

What are CIM strategies?

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a planning system that combines several strategic roles between various disciplines. These can be traditional marketing, advertising, digital marketing, public relations, etc.

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What are the CIM tools?

These tools, ordered from the most massive to the most personalized, are: traditional advertising, promotional marketing, public relations, direct marketing, digital marketing and personal selling.

Fundamentals of cim communication

Every day new communication strategies and channels appear, which not only seek to convince the consumer or recipient of the message, but also to provide additional services that were unthinkable before, but that new technologies make available to us.

Technological advances and the hyperconnectivity to which society has subscribed means that communication alternatives are growing, so that the limits are found only in the creativity of marketing and communication professionals.

The truth is that the relative weights of the different communication alternatives within the mix have evolved from a traditional approach, in which advertising through the different media had a great weight, to other alternatives in which the advances of ICTs play a major role.  Factors influencing the development of the CIM Among the different factors influencing the development of the CIM, the following can be highlighted:

5. Difficulties for IMC The implementation of IMC is not simple, as the barriers encountered by this communication approach are considerable. Among the main difficulties to be faced, beyond the conceptual ones coming from the marketing philosophy, the following can be highlighted:

What is the company looking for with a CIM plan?

CIM is a strategic process aimed at optimizing brand positioning and ultimately achieving full strategic and financial integration.

What is the importance of integrated marketing communication?

The function of integrated marketing communication is to unite them and work with the support of each of them. When a company manages all the communication channels it has, with the objective of communicating the same message to its customers, it is using integrated marketing communication.

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What is integrated communication?

Integrated communication enables organizations to deliver a consistent message across channels to support business objectives, create a seamless experience for stakeholders and build trust and brand loyalty.

Elements of integrated communication

DECREE 130/2016, of September 15, establishing the requirements and procedure for the recognition and accreditation of the women’s information centers owned by the local entities of Galicia, as well as for the modification and extinction of their recognition.

In the period of time that has elapsed since the entry into force of the aforementioned Decree 182/2004, the women’s information centers (hereinafter CIM) have proved to be instruments of decisive importance at the local level in the promotion of gender equality thanks to the activities they develop and, on the other hand, they provided invaluable attention to the people who demanded the service, mainly in the legal, psychological and information areas of access to the available resources. Among the services provided, special mention should be made of those for women in situations of vulnerability for various reasons and, specifically, the service provided to women who were victims of gender violence or who were at risk of being potential victims of such a situation. In this way, the CIMs became decisive tools in the prevention, detection, treatment and general fight against this social scourge from a relationship of proximity and direct attention.

What is integrated marketing communication according to the authors?

According to Kotler and Armstrong (2013) integrated marketing communication involves the careful and coordinated integration of all the communication channels a company uses to deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message about the organization and its products.

What is integrated marketing communication according to the authors?

Integrated marketing communication is the careful integration and coordination of the company’s multiple communication channels to send a clear, congruent and compelling message about the organization and its products (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012).

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What is CIM and what is its importance in sales?

Integrated marketing communication refers to the integration of all brand promotion methods to promote a product or service in the marketplace. In IMC all aspects work together for maximum profitability and increased sales.

Integrated marketing communication pdf

Integrated marketing communication allows the use of all available media. Thus, the arrival of messages is more effective and there is a greater return on investment.

The first was through sponsorship. The brand is associated with high-risk sports and athletes, those who transmit strong emotions and high expectations to people. It owns motorsport teams such as the Red Bull Racing Team, and Formula 1 teams such as Toro Rosso. Secondly, its strategies in social events stand out, such as the hip hop rhyme battles sponsored by the company or international motocross tournaments. It also promotes its products by offering free samples at adventure sports events, contact sports, rock concerts, etc.