How do I verify if I am self employed?

Social Security Self-Employed

You can find it by looking at the document of the Resolution on Recognition of Registration that you were given when you registered as self-employed. Can’t find it? Don’t worry, you can also find out by requesting a RETA Contribution Data Report at this link.

If you have an electronic certificate, you can use it. In case it has expired, the Tax Agency has announced that you will be able to continue using it while the state of alarm lasts. If your usual browser does not allow you to use it, use Firefox.

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How can I prove that I am self-employed?

In this way, the documentation that they must carry with them to justify their mobility and movements as self-employed is: – Model 037 or proof that accredits the payment of the last self-employed quota. This proves that you are registered as a self-employed worker.

How to know if a self-employed person has debts with the Social Security?

To access your information you must be registered in [email protected], the portal of the General Treasury of the Social Security. Once you have done this, you will be able to consult your debt through the Electronic Headquarters in the Companies > Collection section or enter directly from this link.

What is the supporting document for economic activity?

-Declaration of Economic Activity (DAE). Document that must be completed and signed by the client where his statements regarding his economic activity are included. Depending on the entity, it can be delivered at the branch or through the entity’s website.

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How to know if I am registered with social security

To do this we must do it online at the Social Security website to request a duplicate of the affiliation document, there we will need to identify ourselves to be able to do the procedure so we will need one of these things:

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How to obtain an REA certificate?

How to get the CNAE certificate of my company? In order to incorporate any type of company, corporation or enterprise, it will be essential that it has its respective CNAE certificate. To obtain it, you can search on the website of the Tax Agency (AEAT).

How to obtain a duplicate of the self-employed registration?

Once on the site and in the section “Citizens” and “reports and certificates”, in the general menu, in the section Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers, you must click on the option “Duplicate of Resolution of Registration/Discharge in RETA”.

How can I know if I have a debt with Social Security?

Thus, they explain that through their website,, they can access a section to know the debts, following the route Companies-Collection-Consultation of debts and obtaining a payment document.

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How to find out which social security regime I am in

We are going to explain you how to know your situation in the Social Security, requesting a report to know if you are registered and all the related data. This is a simple procedure that you can do online on the website of the Social Security Electronic Headquarters, which we will guide you through step by step.

In any case, it is usually enough to ask your employer directly if you are registered, and to check if your contract is an official document with the seal of the Ministry of Employment. If he/she does not answer you, if he/she has sent you home during quarantine or the contract is not official, then you may want to find out on your own.

You should also know that all the offices of the General Treasury of the Social Security are obliged to give you this information, although you will have to look for the telephone number of the one closest to you to make an appointment. But we are going to explain you the purely online procedure, since it is really simple. You will only need your digital certificate or [email protected] PIN.

How do I know who I owe money to?

The most effective and easiest way to check all your balances is by reviewing your special credit report. This is the document that Buró de Crédito offers you, in which you can consult your current and previous accounts, as well as the status of the loans you have obtained.

Where can I see my debts?

As a suggestion, the first place to contact to find out if I have debts should be the bank itself. The entity, or entities if it operates with more than one, have information about our financial life. From here they inform you if there is a returned bill, a non-payment of mortgage installments, etc.

What document certifies the activity of a company?

The certificate of business activity allows accrediting the antiquity of a company, as well as the activities carried out and the existence of an establishment in the demarcation of the Chamber of Commerce. This certificate serves to: … To attest to the activities carried out by the company.

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See if I am registered for social security online

Specifically, through this new Service of Consultation of receipts issued for the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA), which can be accessed through the route Citizens/Cotization or directly by clicking on this link, the self-employed worker will obtain the following information:

A practical example: as of next February 26, it will be possible to consult through this service the quotas corresponding to said month of February and the complementary liquidation corresponding to January 2020 due to the increase in contribution rates for accidents at work and cessation of activity.

In addition, they will be able to check at any time the quotas already issued by the TGSS to be charged to the corresponding bank account since July 2018, the date on which the procedure for issuing debits in accordance with the requirements established by the SEPA regulations was implemented in the entity, up to the month prior to the consultation.

This information on issued quotas does not certify that such quotas have been effectively paid by the worker, so it does not serve to prove that he/she is up to date in his/her obligations with the Social Security.