How hard is ADR?


The counselor shall be in possession of a vocational training certificate valid for road transport. This certificate shall be issued by the competent authority or by the body designated for this purpose by each Contracting Party.

The essential purpose of the training is to provide the candidate with sufficient knowledge of the risks inherent in the transport of dangerous goods, sufficient knowledge applicable to the laws, regulations and administrative procedures, as well as sufficient knowledge of the functions defined in section of the ADR.

* In the case of my Autonomous Community (Asturias), the exam is called by the Regional Ministry of Infrastructures, Territorial Planning and Environment and then they are the ones who issue the corresponding certificate, following the official model dictated by the ADR.

The purpose of the examination will be to verify whether the candidates have the level of knowledge required to perform the functions of safety advisor provided for in section of the ADR, in order to obtain the certificate provided for in section, and it must cover at least the following subjects:

What do I have to do to obtain the ADR?

How to obtain the ADR

To obtain the ADR license, you must take a course at an authorized academy and pass a classroom exam on the transport of dangerous goods, types of dangerous goods, risks, handling, civil liability, and many other aspects.

How many questions are on the ADR exam?

-For the ADR Obtaining, a maximum of 3 failures are accepted for the Basic exam (30 questions) and 2 failures for the Tanker exam (20 questions).

How long does ADR last?

ADR dangerous goods permits are valid for five years, so if you are going to need it for a longer period, you can renew it, thus extending its validity in five-year periods.

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Dangerous Goods 2021

Last Monday about fifteen CAP Total students took the ADR exam. Today we have received the good news that almost all of them have passed. The few who did not pass were very close (3 failures).  There are many doubts about the ADR Obtaining and Renewal, since the regulations have been changed recently. Some of the things you should know:

-The modification of the General Driver Regulation is a consequence of its adaptation to the new International Agreement on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR), so the new format of the license is in line with the harmonized model of driver training certificate established by this agreement.

-On the other hand, if the renewal is carried out before the 12 months prior to the expiration date, the new period of validity will be computed from the date of passing the examination and not from the expiration date.

-The subjects to be included in the content of the theoretical test of the exam are extended, specifically those referring to “responsibility with safety”, with the aim of achieving a greater awareness of safety in this class of transport.

How much does it cost to obtain a Dangerous Goods certificate?

Obtaining and renewal of the basic ADR license for road transport of dangerous goods. Choose the option that interests you: Obtaining: 18h of theory + 3h of practices. Price: 180€.

When is ADR required?

The ADR is an agreement between the member states of the European Union that regulates the transport of dangerous goods. This convention establishes the obligation to have the ADR license for all drivers who transport this type of goods, for example, explosives, radioactive goods, etc.

What can be carried with ADR basic?

The ADR basic permit entitles you to transport in a non-tank vehicle any type of hazardous materials except explosive materials (class 1) and radioactive materials (class 7) for a period of 5 years (renewable every 5 years).

Dangerous goods exam

The classes are compulsory, every day you have to sign in and go to class with your ID card, in case of a JPT inspection you will be asked for it. Generally you will be examined at the JPT Center where you take the course. The center where you take the course will give you the exams of the test batteries that the DGT gives to the authorized center.keep in mind that if 6 months pass and you have not been examined or you have not been [email protected], you will have to repeat the course.the authorized center to give these courses will give you this information and any other information you may need about these courses. greeting

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I said that you will be informed in the province where you have your residence. I also said that it does not examine practical.Each JPT has its rules.I am director and teacher of a center of dangerous goods; it is mandatory class attendance, also have to sign the attendance every day and carry the ID card in case an inspection comes. The practical part of fire extinguishing is done in the center if it has the area and teacher for it, otherwise it can be arranged with the fire department or special centers. In the center where I work we have it with LAINSA, in addition to the practice of first aid which is given by an ATS; but well, that is part of the course.  The exam as such is only theoretical and the JPT of Las Palmas, you take the basic exam, on the fly they correct it and if you are apt the same day you take the exam of the specializations.    Each Traffic Chief will do it in different ways depending on their needs, and our students in traffic do not do the same, once they have passed the exams, since these are done by the center itself, the course is compulsory and attendance is also obligatory. Each Jefatura has its own rules since it does not contradict the ADR nor the National Regulations.

Where to do ADR test?

To take the exam to obtain the ADR it is necessary to take the test at the Traffic Headquarters. Even for the ADR renewal you will have to take the test there.

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What do I have to do to renew the ADR?

It is not possible to renew an expired ADR. In this case, the ADR must be obtained again.

Who approves the ADR?

The Government approves the new ADR for the transport of dangerous goods. The Council of Ministers, at its meeting yesterday (Tuesday), approved the new regulatory framework for the transport of dangerous goods by road. This new edition includes the changes approved during the last two years.

Taking out an ADR

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