How long does an EPC certificate last?

Accreditation of European qualifications

The European Professional Card (EPC), or European Professional Card (EPC) is an electronic document thanks to which certain professional qualifications are recognized at European level. It is not a physical card, but an agile procedure to be able to practice certain professions in the countries of the European Union.    Last June 9, our government approved the Royal Decree¹ that regulates its operation.

This card accredits that the professional can practice his profession in the country where he wants to work, since he has passed the administrative controls and his professional qualification is recognized in that country.    In the case of a physiotherapist, with the communication received by the German administration, for example, he will be accredited to work in Germany.

What is the expiration date of an energy certificate?

Validity and updating of the energy certificate

The energy performance certificate for buildings is valid for ten years.

How to renew energy certificate?

For the renewal of the energy certificate, the owner must contact a competent technician to make the document again or at least update the existing one. Failure to do so would be in breach of the obligation to renew or update the energy certificate.

Who issues the energy efficiency certificate?

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is issued by a technician in possession of the academic and professional qualification (architect, technical architect, engineer, technical engineer) for the realization of building projects or their thermal installations as required by current regulations.

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European Professional Card

This Convention creates the European Patent Organization, which is the result of the collective political will of the European countries to establish a uniform patent system in Europe.

The protection conferred by the European patent can be extended to two States which, although they are not Members of the Convention, have concluded extension agreements with the European Patent Organization. They are the following: Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

As a result, it can generally be said that obtaining a patent with effects in different European States is easier and cheaper than obtaining protection through individual filing in the same States.

A European patent application may also be filed by several applicants jointly or by several applicants designating different Contracting States. In such cases, the text must be identical for all the States, Article 59.

Where the same invention has been made by several persons independently, the right to the European patent shall belong to the one whose application has the earliest filing date, provided that this application has been published.

How much does an energy efficiency certificate cost?

It is estimated that, on average, the price of the energy efficiency certificate has a cost of 1.50 €/m2. Therefore, in a 50-100 m2 house, the cost of the energy certificate can be around 60-130 €.

Where can I request an energy certificate for a home?

Through the internet, in a physical establishment or through the lists provided by professional associations. When requesting the energy efficiency certificate you should contact an authorized technician.

When is the energy efficiency certificate mandatory?

The energy certificate is mandatory, but you will not need it if the property you want to rent or sell: It has a usable area of less than 50 m2 and is located in an isolated area. If it is an industrial building that is going to be used for workshops or for the activity that will be developed in it.

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Regulated professions in Europe

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How long does it take to advertise my property? When the application process is finished and we have the cadastral reference and the energy efficiency certificate on file, we will start to advertise your property on all the portals all over Europe. This process will take less than 24 hours.

How long does it take to advertise my property? Once the application process is finished and we have the cadastral reference and the energy performance certificate on file, we will start posting your property on all portals all over Europe. This process will take less than 24 hours.

How do I know if my building has an energy certificate?

Access can be made through three ways: Through the certificate search engine you can download the energy efficiency label of any building registered in the registry. It allows you to search for address, procedure code or cadastral reference.

What does the energy certificate mean?

The energy performance certificate is a document that provides objective information on the energy characteristics of buildings and its purpose is to contribute to energy savings in homes and to improve information to consumers on the quality of buildings and homes.

What happens if I buy an apartment without an energy certificate?

Not to have the certificate can prevent the purchase-sale

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This paper will be requested by the notary at the time of signing the sale and purchase and, if you do not have it, you run the risk of not authorizing the signing of the deed, according to

Rd 390 2021

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