Is an IMI a Recognised qualification?

Royal Decree 1837 2008

Among these training requirements is the obligation for all those who wish to set up a transport company, either as a self-employed person or as a company in order to be able to hold transport authorizations, the obligation to hold a professional qualification as a transport operator, currently called professional competence for transport (formerly professional training).

The total cost of the course is only 400 euros, and includes the necessary preparatory training course to obtain the title of professional competence for transport in accordance with the examination that is held every six months by the Department of Transport.

Chapter iii of title iii of the 2005 directive 36 ce

I hear more and more from women who want to give a new direction to their lives, many times after motherhood, and in other occasions they are educators or teachers who believe that another way of doing things is possible.

If you want to have an approach to Montessori pedagogy you can read and take many courses, today there are options of experiential courses that are organized by cities, and also many online courses, fortunately more and more.

This is another key issue that often generates controversy. It is clear that the best is face-to-face, that is indisputable, but today there are very good options for people who do not have the time to go to a school.

There are also semi-face-to-face options, such as some training courses that have their virtual campus and send you content and assignments on a regular basis, and then from time to time they organize face-to-face seminars (some schools try to do it on weekends or holidays to facilitate studies for students who work).

Directive 2005 36 ce

A foreign professional qualification may differ greatly from a German professional qualification. In such a case, approval is not possible. However, a so-called partial access to the profession can sometimes be authorized by the competent body. A person with partial access to a profession may work in Germany. The following conditions apply to work with partial access to the profession:

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Permission for partial access to the profession is granted by the competent body. An application must be submitted in advance. With this permit a person may work in Germany. However, the person may only carry out certain activities. The person must also have the professional qualification of the country in which he/she has been trained.

In a qualification analysis, professional knowledge and skills are demonstrated in practice. For example, in a job test, a technical conversation or by working in a company.

The person may not have caused the loss of his or her documents. The competent body may require the person to provide an affidavit. The qualification analysis is provided for in the Law for the Determination of Professional Qualifications (BQFG) and in the German Code of Crafts and Skilled Trades (HwO).

Royal Decree on regulated professions

This framework was the result of the historical evolution of the numerous Directives adopted until then on the matter, almost from the origin of the European Community itself, complemented with the principles derived from the copious case law of the Court of Justice over more than four decades and aimed at the progressive elimination of obstacles to the free movement of persons and services between Member States.

Directive 2013/55/EU, of November 20, which is now transposed, maintains the validity of the aforementioned Directive, although it introduces relevant amendments with the aim of continuing to make progress in the elimination of obstacles to the exercise of the rights of European Union citizens and lightening the administrative burden related to the recognition of professional qualifications. It also serves to improve the competitiveness of the Member States, support sustainable growth and reduce unemployment within the framework of European initiatives to promote the mobility of workers within the European Union.

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