Is CMI Recognised in Canada?



What does it depend on whether a customer returns to our business or recommends us to an acquaintance? Mainly, on the customer experience. As we have explained previously in this blog, there are many elements that come into play in this experience and all of them have a part of responsibility in the final satisfaction of the consumer. This is something that those in charge of the Lamucca restaurant group in Madrid have taken into account when implementing the CMI system, Integrated Table Charging, in their restaurants. Thanks to it, their diners are able to improve the payment experience, one of the most important elements for generating a satisfactory memory of their visit to the establishment.

The CMI system allows the payment generated at the POS to be captured from the payment device. In this way, the waiter has control of the different tickets generated at the POS on the payment device itself, without the need to travel and saving time for both the restaurant staff and the diners.


To continue with your immigration process, the consulates of the United States, Canada and Australia require that all immigrant visa applicants, American residency applicants, and in some types of non-immigrant visa applicants be examined by an immigration medical examiner authorized by the government of each country mentioned above.

At CMI we perform comprehensive and reliable medical examinations, through our friendly and timely service, led by our qualified, multifunctional and constantly trained staff, which allows us to continuously improve our processes.


Chineke!, known for being the first European orchestra whose members are mostly black and from ethnic minorities, has been chosen to compose the twelve-minute theme song, entitled “The Song of the Prophets: A Requiem for the Climate”. It will be premiered at St. Paul’s Cathedral during Christian Aid Week, May 12-18.

Participating in Bergen, Norway, at the international conference on “Sustainability and Climate in Religion,” organized by the Western Norwegian University of Applied Sciences, the Church of Norway and the Norwegian Council of Religious and Non-Religious Communities, the general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC), Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, provided his reflections on “What has love got to do with it? Climate justice and care for the Earth”.

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Applications are now open for participation in a World Council of Churches (WCC) ecumenical continuing ecumenical formation seminar for youth to be held in June 2020. The seminar, to be held in Tonga, will focus on transformative masculinity and femininity.


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