Is it OK to laminate your degree certificate?

How to laminate any image with a plastic bag

I need someone to clear my doubts, I tell you: I have laminated my university degree because of having to present it in one place and another I was afraid that I would end up spoiling it, the question is that a friend has told me that she has had problems when she has asked to have a photocopy certified by the fact of having it laminated, has the same thing happened to any of you, do you know if there is any rule that says that it can not be laminated? If you can tell me something I would appreciate it because the truth is that I am worried….

Well I have no idea the truth, I had never heard that it could not be laminated, but I do not know anyone who has it laminated so I do not know … But come on, I do not know what problem there will be, if the title is perfectly visible with your stamp and your name and such, I think q does not have to happen anything!

I don’t understand it much either but you know how bureaucracy is…A friend of mine who has also had it laminated, has been refused by the official on duty to certify a copy just because of that.I am going to have to present it soon and I am afraid that they will also put obstacles in my way.

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Legalization of secondary degree UBA

The specialist degrees in Health Sciences, in addition to the characteristics foreseen for them in Law 44/2003, of November 21, and those that correspond to these degrees as a consequence of their official nature, will be issued once the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities or the Ministry that corresponds at the time has issued an order granting them.

IMPORTANT: It is an essential requirement, prior to the application, that the interested party has been notified of the order granting the specialist degree, which contains the details of the residence required for the processing of the issuance of the degree.

The estimated time for the issuance of specialist degrees in Health Sciences is 12 months, from the moment the applications (fee o59) are received at the Degree Service or the dossiers are completed (sending of passport, large family card, etc.).

How to organize a filing cabinet : WITH P FOR PAPER

The car title is a very important document, that is why it is essential to keep it together with the car papers in a very safe place. It is not even advisable to carry it in the car because in case of theft or loss it would be very difficult to claim its ownership.

As we can see, the title of the car is extremely important when acquiring a vehicle. If you would like to learn much more about the different procedures that are carried out in the sectional registries, we invite you to take the Distance Course on Automobile Procedures Management.

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How to cover a book easily and without adhesives

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