Is Open University degree valid for government jobs?

National Open University Venezuela

With the advance of technology, nowadays more and more people are choosing to study online. However, there are many students who have doubts about this modality because they are not sure if the degree is as valid as that of an on-site course. In this article we will see which are the online universities with SEP and everything you need to know about it.

If an online university has the approval of the SEP, it means that it is being monitored by the Ministry. In other words, our studies will have the corresponding academic validity.

The RVOE is the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies. It is a certificate granted by the Mexican educational authorities to guarantee the official validity of the studies. It implies that the teachers of the institution are trained and qualified to teach, that the infrastructure is adequate and that the curricula are endorsed by the SEP.

The RVOE is granted individually to programs or curricula. A private university that offers a guarantee of official status and validity must have an RVOE for each of the degree programs it offers.

Student handbook unadm 2021

Similarly, the principles on which the EHEA is based implied building the scaffolding of a university education focused on the students and their competencies, understood as the set of academically relevant knowledge, abilities and skills that the university degree attained confers. These competencies allow students to enter the labor market and, logically, to become an active part of society. Thus, progressively, in much of Europe, university academic offerings have been converging around this cyclical organizational structure.

These approaches were developed with the ultimate goal of enabling graduates, as professionals in the various fields of knowledge, to enter the local and global labor markets with guarantees. At the same time, the training of university students is reinforced so that they can exercise as free, critical and committed citizens in our democratic societies.


The open high school is one of the most practical modalities for students due to the flexibility it offers to complete the academic program and develop the respective competencies at this level.

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It’s time to decide on your future! When thinking about a bachelor’s degree, it is also necessary to think about the career path or focus you would like to bring to your life. Therefore, the main thing to do is to analyze the curricula that appeal to you and the areas to which they are directed. Once you are clear about this, it will be easier to find the program that best suits your time and interests.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and gather all the information you need to make a decision. Contact the academic departments of the universities you are interested in, so you will be able to know the facilities, modalities and everything related to the educational programs and admission processes.

Once you have made the decision about the career you want to study, take the necessary time to establish a plan that considers all aspects of how you are going to combine your student life with your other activities. The key to making it all possible is organization.

Unadm has official validity

As a decentralized administrative body of the SEP with technical, academic and management autonomy that provides higher education services, UnADM does not have Official Recognition of Validity of Studies (RVOE) because we are not a private educational institution.

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If it is about contact information such as telephone(s) or email, you can correct or modify them through the following link, once the admission process is completed and you are a student of this University with assigned enrollment and registration:

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It is important that you review in detail the registered data before concluding your registration as an applicant, because it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide correct data for the follow-up of the process.

There are no changes of educational program for applicants. The process of change of level or change of program is directed exclusively to students with UnADM enrollment from the second semester onwards.