What is the minimum height for a police officer?

Minimum height to be a police officer in the United States

This union recalls that the Civil Guard and the Armed Forces reduced to 155 cm the minimum size of women in their access criteria, and denounces the “incomprehensible” attitude of Interior, which forces them to insist on their demands, this time with the sending of a letter to the minister. Photo: EP

“Once again, Interior ignores the demands of the SUP to match the minimum size of access with what is required in the Armed Forces and other autonomous and state security forces,” regrets the national spokesman of the union, Carlos Morales.

He stresses that this is ignoring “the unanimous recommendation of the Interior Committee of the Congress that at the request of the SUP asked that the minimum size be reduced to 155 cm in future calls, and turns a deaf ear to the 2017 judgment of the High Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) that gave reason to the SUP in their demands.”

The CJEU stated in that judgment that “even assuming that all the functions performed by the Police (…) required a particular physical aptitude, it does not appear that such aptitude is necessarily related to the possession of a minimum physical stature and that persons of a smaller stature naturally lack such aptitude.”

Minimum height to become a police officer in Ecuador 2021.

– Free academic training (scholarship) – Monthly economic remuneration without legal discounts while being an active student in the institution – Free medical, dental and psychological assistance during the training period – 3 meals a day – Uniforms and shoes for daily use and sports – Accommodation – Washing and ironing service – Barber and cosmetology service – Barber and cosmetic service  – 3 meals per day.- Uniforms and shoes for daily use and sports.- Lodging.- Laundry and ironing service.- Barber and cosmetology service.- Life insurance.

Each test is exclusive, that is to say that the applicant must pass the first test to be eligible for the second and so on. If you fail one of the tests you can no longer continue in the process of the convocation to which you are applying, but you will be able to take the tests in the next convocation.

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Height required to be a police officer

security forcesDoes a national policewoman have to be taller than a female civil guard? The SUP considers that the minimum height requirement discriminates against women seeking to join the National Police.

The Unified Police Union (SUP) has requested to lower by five centimeters the minimum height required for women to join the National Police, that is, that the candidate must be at least 155 centimeters tall, the same height required to enter the Civil Guard and the Armed Forces.In a statement, the SUP considers that the minimum height requirement discriminates against women seeking to join the National Police and was set in 2006 at 1.60 meters, five less than that established in 1995 for female candidates. Despite this reduction, the current minimum height requirement of 1.60 is greater than that required by the Civil Guard and the Armed Forces for their applicants, which set it at 1.55 in 2019 following a judgment of the High Court of Justice of the European Union that questioned the validity of a person only by the criterion of height.For this reason, the SUP proposes that the future regulation of selective processes and training of National Police amend this inequality and align the access requirements with the judgment and with the rest of the bodies.

If I am 1.50 m tall, I can be a policeman

# The REGISTRATION cannot be done from a cell phone or tablet, since it has the Android operating system and is not compatible with the platform. It can only be done through a computer with Windows operating system with the Mozilla Firefox browser.

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www.argentina.gob.ar/policiafederal, where once you have entered all the data, you must click on the option “SUBMIT FORM” and then “MANAGE MY APPOINTMENT”, where you can request an appointment at your convenience and according to the availability of the same.

– PREPARATORY COURSE: To reach the necessary average to fill the available places in the Training Institute. It has an estimated duration of TWO (2) months from Monday to Saturday, in person, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

8. TWO (2) color photographs (13×18), full body, front view and white background, in white envelope (Male with jacket and tie, shaved and short hair; female with hair tied up, short sleeve shirt, knee length skirt, and shoes).