Why do I need a DEC?

Deck investment example

Pine wood is an excellent material for building outdoor structures, whether to cover walls, make floors or make furniture. It can be boards, beams or slats, worked as planed or rough lumber. The perfect complement for pine wood, especially if it will be outdoors, are varnishes and protectors, in this case as it will be a highly transited floor we chose an impregnating or wood protector that is completely absorbed, leaving the surface open pore, so that the material does not lose its ability to shrink and breathe.

What is a deck on a house

For the installation of a deck, a set of wood, steel or aluminum pillars are firmly supported on the ground (usually by concrete footings). The pillars will support a wood, steel or aluminum slab anchored to them. Finally, the slabs that form the terrace are placed on top of the slab.

It is installed in a cleaner and faster way than a masonry terrace. At the same time, the structural material itself aesthetically finishes off the structure without the need for other waterproofing, draining, structural or aesthetic elements, as may be necessary on site.

The wood used in this type of structure must always be prepared for outdoor exposure. We will differentiate between the wood used to make up the structure and the wood that makes up the decking.

The decking can be made of pine or other conifers, tropical woods, or composite woods, previously treated in autoclave and finished preferably with stain / lasur, water-based and open pore, which allows us to obtain the color we want; or tropical woods such as Ipe, with a high natural resistance to external agents due to its high density, in this case the most common treatment is based on teak oils and the finish color is the natural color of the wood partially darkened by the oils.

Pitch deck examples

Do you need funding for your startup? Do you want to convert potential customers into real customers? Are you looking to close the deal with new shareholders? Well, it’s time to impress your audience with a pitch deck!

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A business pitch deck is a presentation that gives your audience an overview of your business plan. Generally, you would present a pitch deck to potential investors, business partners, board members and customers. (A sales plan, on the other hand, helps you identify sales objectives and outlines the strategy to achieve them).

) Each slide should have a purpose and be directed toward a specific objective. Your investors will not be able to retain that much information in one meeting. You must be sure to explain your business pitch strategically without losing your audience, keeping your focus at all times.

Guy Kawasaki’s 10-slide deck is famous for its laser focus. While you may be tempted to include as much content as possible in your business plan, this outline forces you to summarize your most important content and engage your investors or customers in a short period of time.

Pitch deck definition

Perhaps, without even thinking about it, an investor makes use of something known as “Financial Theory”, which some consider to be the best method to know the acceptability or ranking of investment projects. It consists of finding out the net present value (NPV) of the cash flows, i.e. disbursements and repayments, associated with the project.

Uber, for example, has one of the best pitch decks available in the market, as it summarizes in a very timely manner its business model, where it wants to go, who is part of the project, what is its budget, its profit forecast, etc.

Finally, in this slide we can see that your business model and how customers will relate to the application and, in turn, to the drivers, is presented in a very clear and timely manner.

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Raising the necessary capital to fund a company is a complicated task, both for entrepreneurs and businessmen. However, complicated does not mean impossible. Having a clear understanding of all the finances, sales and valuation of your startup will generate confidence in investors.