Why is medical fitness certificate important?

Why the medical certificate is important

PROTEGER IPS, “Professionals in occupational health and quality” provides services to support comprehensive health care according to the principles of quality and timeliness. Today committed to provide services for the issuance of the Medical Certificate of Psychophysical Fitness for the Possession and Carrying of Firearms. By means of Resolution N. 201 of 2017 of 012 June 2017, the Specialized institution “PROTEGER CRC” is registered in the registry of specialized institutions before the Ministry of National Defense – General Directorate of Military Health – Health Sub-Directorate, MATRICULA 00221985 of October 12, 2011, to issue the Medical Certificate of Psychophysical Aptitude for the possession and Carrying of Firearms ENTITY: PROTEGER CRC.

The Firearms Carrying CertificateThe Medical Certificate of Psychophysical Aptitude for the Possession and Carrying of Firearms is a document which certifies that the applicant to obtain for the first time the authorization and/or revalidation for the possession and carrying of firearms, has the ability to see, auditory orientation, motor skills, and general physical capacity, complying with the approval ranges of Resolution 2984 of 2007.

Why is the medical certificate important?

The medical certificate is a legal document that should be given the importance it deserves. The request for a medical certificate should be considered as an opportunity to perform a complete health examination.

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What is the medical fitness certificate?

It is a medical certificate of fitness for work. When we talk about medical certificates, we refer to the medical examination performed by a licensed medical professional, which certifies that the patient is in a good state of health.

What do they do to get a medical certificate?

The medical certificate is drawn up after a visit by a specialist and, for this reason, does not require any special preparation. The interested party must bring the necessary documents and explain to the doctor the reason for requesting the certificate.

Medical certificate of fitness for work

Royal Decree 39/1997, of January 17, 1997, which approves the Regulation of Occupational Risk Prevention Services, establishes that health surveillance will be carried out at various times:

Those organizations that carry out health surveillance functions for workers must have in their staff a physician specializing in occupational medicine or a graduate in company medicine and also a company ATS/DUE. This does not mean that, in addition to these, other health professionals with the appropriate training and the required skills, such as clinical assistants, cannot be involved.

What diseases are reflected in the health certificate?

To obtain a Health Certificate in Puerto Rico, a test for syphilis (known as VDRL) and a test for tuberculosis are required. Tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacteria that are spread from person to person through the air.

What is the certificate of occupational aptitude?

Certificate of Occupational Aptitude or C.A.O. is understood as the issuance of a diploma and certification that the student has satisfactorily completed all the academic content of a program and fulfilled all the requirements for admission and completion in accordance with the academic and administrative requirements…

How much does a medical certificate cost in similar pharmacies?

Farmacias Similares: Medical certificates at $35 – promodescuentos.com.

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What is the importance of the medical certificate in sports?

“Whereby the Integrated Security System for the issuance of the certificate of psychophysical fitness provided for in Law 1539 of 2012 is regulated, Decrees 1070 of 2015 and 1079 of 2015 are added, and other provisions are issued”.

That articles 19 and 22 of Law 769 of 2002, amended by articles 196 and 197 of Decree-Law 019 of 2012, respectively, establish as requirements to obtain, recategorize or renew the driver’s license, the presentation of a certificate of physical, mental and motor coordination aptitude.

That by means of literal d) of Article 11 of Law 1119 of 2006, a medical certificate of psychophysical aptitude for the use of weapons, within the ranges established by the Ministry of National Defense, was established as a requirement for the study of applications for the possession and carrying of weapons.

That on June 26, 2012, Law 1539 of 2012 came into force, which establishes in its first article the obligation for natural persons who are linked or who at the time the law comes into force, are linked to the private security and surveillance services (guards, escorts and supervisors) and who must carry or have firearms, to obtain the certificate of psychophysical aptitude for the carrying and possession of firearms.

What is the cost of a medical certificate?

The medical certificate provided by SEDESA is free of charge and includes a complete blood count, blood chemistry, throat swab, general urine test and weight and height assessment.

When does the health certificate expire?


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Where can I buy a medical certificate?

The first thing to do is to acquire your official medical certificate at a pharmacy, tobacconist’s or at the College of Physicians in your province.

Sample Certificate of Medical Fitness

The basic examination performed in most certifications includes anthropometric examination (height, weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure and heart rate) and electrocardiogram.

It is a valuable opportunity to detect pathologies since in practice several of the parameters that give us a complete idea of their physical conditions are determined and if doubts arise either in the values that are established or as a result of the interrogation, interconsultations are made with the corresponding specialists.

For all this it is recommended that the certificate is real and not just signed by a doctor friend, because it is not a typical health check, it is to assess whether the player is physically fit to perform the activities for which the procedure is being requested.