Can apprenticeships be unpaid?

Apprenticeship contract 2021

The objective of this type of contract is that young people who do not have adequate training find their first job and can enter the labor market by receiving theoretical and practical training at the same time. Meanwhile, companies obtain significant reductions in Social Security contributions and have a lower labor cost for these hires.

In order to formalize the Training and Apprenticeship Contract, the worker must not have university or professional training or equivalent qualifications. If he/she had them, he/she could access another type of subsidized contract, the Internship Contract, but not the training contract.

Maria has a Law Degree, but she cannot find a job and she has the opportunity to work as a Secretary to Senior Management. She could have a training and apprenticeship contract for this secretarial position, since she lacks the specific training for this job. Through the Training and Apprenticeship Contract, the company will give her specialized theoretical training (25% of the working day) and Maria will work in the company the rest of the time, getting paid for it. At the end of her training, she will be able to obtain a certificate of professionalism or FP degree in Secretarial Work.

What happens if an apprenticeship contract is breached?

Waiver of the apprenticeship contract. The apprentice may resign the apprenticeship contract at any time, since the law does not prohibit it or establish any consequence for it. It will depend on the will and needs of the apprentice, who will evaluate whether it is convenient or not to continue with the contract.

What activities do not constitute an apprenticeship contract?

Does not constitute an apprenticeship contract: Activities under agreements as internships as a prerequisite for a degree. Internships within the framework of social protection projects carried out by the State.

How many times can an apprenticeship contract be made?

The apprenticeship contract can be held only once in a lifetime. A second contract is only admissible when training in the same area as the previous one and at a higher academic level is advanced.

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Apprenticeship contract in colombia

The vast majority of university or vocational training students, when they finish their studies and want to enter the labor market, do not have enough experience to develop a job. A good way to avoid this is that, during their studies, they complement their training by doing an internship in a company. This is the purpose of the so-called “internship contracts” and they are not only beneficial for the students, but also for the company, because the labor cost of incorporating interns is always lower than that of hiring an employee under normal working conditions.

As a human resources manager, do you know what the requirements are for hiring a student as an intern? Do you know if you have to register them with social security? So that you can correctly process internship contracts and avoid problems with the Administration, you should read this post, because I am going to provide you with all the keys that you should take into account when hiring an intern in the company. You will learn what types of internships interns can do, their rights and how to hire them.

What happens if an employer fails to comply with the apprenticeship quota?

Non-compliance with the apprenticeship quota or the payment of monetization will give rise to the imposition of fine(s) in the legal terms, which will be imposed on a successive monthly basis, until it is verified that the reason(s) for non-compliance have ceased, including the payment of the principal obligation.

How long does a SENA apprenticeship contract last?

The apprenticeship contract may have a maximum duration of two years and must include both the teaching or academic stage and the practical or productive stage.

What does an apprenticeship contract include?

An apprenticeship contract is one whereby an employee undertakes to render service to an employer, in exchange for the latter providing him with the means to acquire methodical and complete professional training in the art or trade for the performance of which he has been hired, for a determined period of time, and paying him the salary …

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Model apprenticeship contract

By entering into this contract a relationship is created between a sponsoring company and the apprentice, not between employer and employee; for this reason, the rules set forth in the Substantive Labor Code -CST- for this type of contractual relationship should not be applied.

All contracts have certain grounds on which they may be terminated; those provided for the termination of labor contracts are set forth, among other rules, in Article 62 of the CST, which cannot be applied to the termination of an apprenticeship contract.

Article of the article of Decree 1072 of 2015 establishes that upon termination of the apprenticeship contract, for any of the causes, it is immediately incumbent upon the sponsor to carry out the hiring of the apprentices that are needed to maintain the mandatory quota.

ALSO READ: Taxation for companies and individuals: these are the changes proposed by FedesarrolloIn this regard, it is worth mentioning that the termination of the apprenticeship contract should not be made under the concept of dismissal, because, as mentioned, it is not an employment contract.

What are the particular and special elements of the apprenticeship contract?

The following are particular and special elements of the apprenticeship contract: …. b) The subordination refers exclusively to the activities inherent to the apprenticeship; c) The training is received on a strictly personal basis; d) The monthly support is intended to guarantee the learning process.

What are the rights of the apprenticeship contract?

The apprenticeship contract is a special form within the Labor Law, by which a natural person develops practical theoretical training in an authorized entity, in exchange for a sponsoring company providing the means to acquire the methodical and complete professional training required in the …

How do I know if I can make another apprenticeship contract?

For another learning relationship to be viable, the following must be taken into account: – That the training programs or academic programs correspond to the same technological line. – That it is a higher level of education than the one previously studied.

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Apprenticeship contract

In attention to your electronic communication dated April 1, 2019 (not filed) in which you request to issue concept on the subject of the apprenticeship contract for professional practice of university students; in this regard, in a measured manner I inform you.

“On the internet I found a communiqué…. through which informs about the impossibility of making a second apprenticeship contract to someone who does not continue with the line of studies from a technology to a professional career. Although I am not from your institution, I would like to please solve a doubt since I see that you know the subject well and the truth is that I have not found information about it, my situation is as follows: I already had an apprenticeship contract, but the technology I studied has no relation with the professional career I am studying today (Economics), so I would like to know if there is another type of contract through which a professional practice can be paid, or is it only possible through an apprenticeship contract since I really need to find a paid practice to be able to bear the costs of it”.