Can I share a horse?


If you share a horse with us, you can take care of it, ride it, learn to gallop and jump or improve your technique if you already know how to ride… as if the horse was yours! You will enjoy with your adopted horse the fun atmosphere of our center and free 6 activities (lessons, routes…) per week, distributed from Tuesday to Sunday (maximum one activity per day). In addition, you will meet many other enthusiasts of these fantastic animals… And all this for only 230 euros per month! Moreover, without worrying about anything, because all the expenses are included, from the food to the horseshoes and from the veterinarian to the saddle. It is contracted in blocks of 6 months even if the payment is monthly.

And if you want the horse to be just for you, you can opt for the “fruit for food” modality. In this case, the horse will be exclusively yours for the period you wish, and for only 380 euros per month in paddock or 480 euros per month in box, including 6 activities (lessons, routes…) per week for free, distributed from Tuesday to Sunday (maximum one activity per day), with all expenses included, among others, veterinarian and shoeing. It does not include the saddle and the bridle but consult us in case you want to rent it. It is necessary to contract the annual life horse insurance (about 140 euros) in a single payment.

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ZymbiosisUna APP MÓVIL para cargar información en el campo sin conexión a internet, una plataforma WEB que sincroniza todos los datos que luego pueden ser almacenados y compartidos en la nube con tu equipo de trabajo. Toda tu información ORGANIZADA y disponible. Prueba la aplicación gratis y siente el impacto de nuestra plataforma.Accede a una Demo DESCUBRE NUESTRAS SOLUCIONES PERSONALIZADAS:VET’S INTERNAL MEDLa historia clínica de cada uno de tus pacientes siempre a manoBREEDERSA completa ficha individual de cada caballo justo donde más la necesitas: en el campo.VET’S EQUINE REPRODUCTIONTUS fichas ginecológicas en tu teléfono.

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Hernán Martino BejaresGerente Agrícola Haras Paso Nevado. Chili. La app ha simplificado mucho la comunicación interna. Las noticias de cada caballo se cargan en el campo y están disponibles y ordenadas para todo el equipo.


Before owning a racehorse it is important to plan the experience and, among other aspects, consider with which people you will share activities such as: witnessing some training sessions, visits to the stable, program decisions, “poules”, lunches and dinners to celebrate results, trips to see the horse or its rivals race, etc. In short, decide with whom you want to share expectations, decisions, emotions and celebrations. And if you do not have these people in your environment, then your best option is to join an existing timeshare. Participating in the sport of horse racing as an owner is an eminently social activity and it is essential to assume this before embarking on the project.

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SERTURF offers you the necessary support to join the structure that best suits your wishes and budget, and even manage for several future partners the setting up of their own shared stables.

The degree to which you can take advantage of the condition of owner depends on the person himself, his aspirations, his sociability and, above all, his degree of involvement.    As is the case with almost all hobbies. In order to have the right level of involvement, it is necessary to have a sufficient degree of knowledge of the reality of horse racing.

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Hello everyone, I recently discovered that in a town near my city, Zaragoza, there is a riding school that gives the option of sponsoring a horse. That means paying 70 euros per month and being able to have the horse for 7 full days (there on their land of course) to enjoy it and your family. Also included in the price is a lesson. The 7 days are a full weekend and 5 days during the week.

I have had a sponsored horse or whatever you want to call it, but it did not belong to a riding school but to a private individual who had the horse at the riding school where I rode. I paid him half of the boarding fee and he rode him whenever he wanted (since he didn’t go riding much/at all because of his work).

You have to take a good look at him and get to know the people at the horse shop very well. What happens the rest of the week, who rides him? another “family” that sponsors him like you? then think that the horse is going to change when another or other people take him… it is not the same to have him alone than to have to share him with other people that you don’t even know.

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