Can Neighbours complain about building work?

Where to report a work without permission

It should be taken into account that any work or reform that is done will normally involve noise, so to avoid disturbing the other neighbors, it is necessary to be very careful about the hours during which the work is done. If there is noise at hours considered inopportune, you can turn to the local police, who will file a report and mediate in the conflict. There is also the possibility that, despite being during working hours, the noise is excessively high, so that it prevents the neighbors from continuing with their daily lives. Depending on the depth of the works, it can be understood that there is high noise for some days, although if the situation occurs daily for several days, it is necessary to appeal to the city council, who, through the environmental department, will send a technician to measure the intensity of the noise, acting in case it exceeds the established limits.

In any of the cases, in unComo we recommend that, before denouncing, you proceed to act amicably, avoiding confrontations and uncomfortable situations within the community. You can go directly to talk to the neighbor who is carrying out the works although it would be more advisable to always act through the community and its president or responsible, so that the general dissatisfaction is shown and a more cordial situation is maintained.

Where can I complain about a construction site?

You may submit your requests by telephone to the Local Mayors’ Offices and the District Secretary of Government.

Where to report works without a permit?

The interested party may contact the Institute of Access to Public Information of Mexico City where he/she will receive advice on the rights protected by the Personal Data Protection Law for Mexico City at telephone: 5636 4636; e-mail: [email protected] or

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How long can a neighbor be under construction?

A reform can last at most 3 or 4 months, but in no case 2 years. The building permit is issued for 90 working days, in no case for that long. What you can do is to talk to them since the work takes a long time and reach an agreement.

Report a neighbor for littering

In the building, a construction work is being carried out, which usually produces annoying noises and more dust than usual. But, beyond that, which is normal when building or remodeling, you ask your neighbor to show you the building permit that must have been filed with the authorities. The neighbor refuses to show it to you and you also try to request it through the community of neighbors.

If you are affected by a building work carried out by your neighbor, you can go in person to the Urbanism office of your town hall to report an unlicensed building work. You will bring the completed form, which includes a description and explanation of the case, and your identification. On the form you also identify the person being reported.

The Technical Department of the Town Planning office of your town hall verifies if, in fact, works are being carried out and their scope. After it is verified that a license does not exist or also in the case that you report that the work does not have the scope notified to the authorities.

What to do if your neighbor does construction work?

There are two possibilities. The first is to call the homeowner’s insurance company and inform them of the damage caused to see if they will cover it. And the second is to inform the president of the community of the problem and write a letter to the owner of the construction site to take care of the damage caused.

How can I sue a construction company?

To file a complaint, you must go in person to the Consumer Defense Office closest to your home, where you will be asked to submit the following: Your name and address. Official identification. Contract, receipt or proof of purchase.

Who controls the constructions?

Pursuant to Article 313(7) of the Political Constitution, the municipalities or districts are in charge of supervising and controlling construction activities.

What to do if a neighbor builds without permission

What can I do? The refusal is categorical, but I have already paid for them and, besides, I do not feel like going to live there if any thief can climb through the downstairs neighbor’s window and enter to steal from me, or through the patio, which they have already entered, climbing up several pipes that are in the air.

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I have asked him to mediate with the neighbors who are complaining (he will not tell me who they are) and to tell them that I am doing my best, that I am respecting all the regulations, that I am trying to keep the workmen to a minimum, I have even made some changes in the renovation so as not to bother them, but they are not in favor of it.

If the neighbors of the first floor have put bars on the interior and exterior windows, can’t I put them, even if they go inside the frame, flush with the facade so that the thieves can’t lean on them and for my safety?

However, as you have studied the subject in depth, you will know that the Administrator is not the one to authorize you to put bars on your house, so I recommend that you make sure that this authorization is ratified by the next Meeting of Owners to be held, if only so that you do not have to justify your decision to do so.

How can I know if a neighbor has a building permit?

In these cases, the only way to check is to file a complaint with the Local Police or Urbanism, they are the only ones who can go to the building site and request the license and check in situ if it is being respected, and if not, stop the work and process the corresponding complaint.

When is it possible to make noise for construction works?

The regulations establish that the timetable for building work at home is from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and you can make noise at home until 9:00 p.m., on working days. And for the use of machinery is allowed from 8:00 to 20:00 hours. You can reach a limit of 35 decibels in the daytime and 30 decibels at night.

How long does a construction site last at home?

To give you a better idea, a comprehensive reform of a house of about 70-120 square meters can take between 3 and 4 months. Although the times depend on whether the structure of the house needs to be revised, the foundations, among other aspects. This time could be extended to 6 or 7 months.

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Where to report construction works

Decree 1077 of 2015, established who can be holders of licenses and consequently are entitled to process them. The holders of constructions on land owned by the Municipality cannot be license holders. Therefore, the appropriate thing to do is to go to the Secretary of Housing of the Municipality and manage the ownership of the land, to make it possible to process the license.

Of course, you can process it before the Urban Curator, since it is an action within the competence of the figure, attending what is established in Article of Decree 1077 of 2015, modified by Art. 7 of Decree 1197 of 2016. Land use concept. It is the written opinion by means of which the urban curator or the municipal or district authority competent to issue licenses or the planning office or the one that takes its place, informs the interested party about the use or uses allowed in a property or building, in accordance with the urban regulations of the Land Management Plan and the instruments that develop it. The issuance of these concepts does not grant rights or obligations to the petitioner and does not modify the rights conferred by means of licenses that are in force or have been executed.