What are the two types of agencies?

Types of advertising agencies that exist

If you are thinking about the difference between a Marketing Agency and an Advertising Agency, below you will learn all about these two types of companies and you will realize that they are not the same, but they are somewhat similar.

In other words, Marketing is a set of strategies used to adequately study the way markets behave, the commercial management and the needs of consumers.

A Marketing Agency is a company that is responsible for providing specialized advice to brands, companies or individuals on how a market can behave and the needs that potential consumers may have. All this with the aim of enhancing and promoting the brand.

Although it may seem that an Advertising Agency and a Marketing Agency are the same, the truth is that although they may have similar activities. There are many aspects in which they can be differentiated.

Let’s start by explaining that Advertising is part of Marketing, this means that in addition to Advertising, Marketing is more integral, since it consists of more aspects, such as market research, distribution, product development, integral communication, logistics, pricing, advertising, among many other things.

What are the institutions and media centers?

Media centers are specialized agencies that deal with everything related to the dissemination of the advertising message. Media centers cover: Media planning and media buying and are the successors of the former advertising distributors.

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What type of company is an advertising agency?

An advertising agency is a company dedicated to creating, planning and managing advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients.

What is a travel agency and how are they classified?

According to the type of intermediation they carry out in the travel and tourism distribution process, travel agencies are classified into two classes: wholesalers and retailers (retailers). … Retail travel agencies, on the other hand, sell directly to the end customer.

Names of advertising agencies

Sometimes even the same client or company requires that their advertising strategies are addressed from different channels, so they are an excellent choice. Imagine that you require your product to be advertised on social networks but you would also like to have billboards within the city, this would be the ideal agency for you.

Currently, it is very rare the agency that is only dedicated to traditional media. It is usually the media chain groups that offer these types of agencies outside of the digital world. These agencies specialize in acquiring and advertising the product, figure or company in advertising space or media. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines and other print media are an example of their channels.

Since the internet and the popularization of social networks, new ways of advertising outside the traditional media have long since arrived. At this point it is nothing new to talk about advertising on the Internet, and every day new strategies emerge to do it.

What are the 360 agencies?

A 360° marketing agency comprises a wide range of services that you can usually hire separately in specialized agencies. What these agencies offer is a combination of online and offline services to cover different advertising media and finally capture the customer.

What is an advertising agency examples?

An advertising agency is a company made up of a group of creative people whose mission and objective is to manage, design, prepare and develop advertising strategies for different brands and companies.

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What do media agencies do?

A media center is a company whose objective is focused on optimizing the budget that the client wants to devote to advertising, opting for the solutions that best suit the needs of your company, both in advertising media, as in the support or type of marketing to be used.

Specialized Agencies

Tag: Agencies These are companies that provide services or manage activities, usually external to themselves. In the world of advertising and marketing there are a large number of agencies, which in many cases constitute advertising service networks and in others, operate as independent.

There are several types of agencies that specialize in some area of marketing. In this way, they seek to differentiate themselves from others. The types of approaches that exist are: Traditional media, market research, BTL, social media, SEO, marketing, branding, mobile, inbound marketing. Therefore, those that are recognized as 360º, cover these fields integrally.

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What is a media buying center?

Wholesale company that buys advertising space at a low price from the media and resells it at a higher price to advertising agencies.

What are media centers and how do they work?

Media agencies are companies that manage the planning and purchase of advertising space in the different media for their clients.

What does an advertising agency offer?

Advertising agencies offer services focused on the creation, execution and distribution of an advertising campaign focusing on the target audience. … The basic services that advertising agencies provide are: Media (strategies, social media, press, television).

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Maximum specialization is present in those businesses that count on the collaboration of professionals specialized in the art of storytelling. Stories that transform the corporate biography behind each company launched on the market into art and emotion.

The management of social networks is also part of the effective communication plan of those businesses that integrate technological value into their business plan. Hiring specialized talent can make a difference in the results of communication carried out on online channels.

Video is a very powerful tool for projecting creative messages by an entity. The success of video is related to the phenomenon of virality itself and the impact of YouTube channels. More and more companies are using it in their communication plans.

Therefore, from the types of agencies listed, analyze the needs of your company and select the project that offers the best advertising, strategy, visibility and communication solutions.