What should be in an actor contract?

Performer’s contract

While provisional agreement was reached in 2000 on 19 of the 20 articles of the proposed treaty on audiovisual performances, Article 12 on the assignment of rights remains controversial because the United States wishes to maintain its automatic system in international law, while the European Community opposes mandatory automaticity. However, in June 2011 negotiations in the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights culminated in a compromise text that allows countries to maintain their own assignment systems. The new draft article allows countries to stipulate in their national legislation the assignment of licensing rights to the producer unless there is a contract to the contrary; it also allows other agreements that grant performers the right to remuneration for their work. Such a provision would result in producers who receive payment for the exploitation of audiovisual works abroad sharing the benefits with performers under the provisions of national law.

What should a contract contain?

The contract must mention the name and company name of the employer (the company), address and RFC. On the other hand, it must also contain your personal information: name, nationality, age, sex, marital status, CURP, RFC and address.

What is an artist’s contract like?

The contract may be indefinite, by work or task or fixed-term. The contract may be for a fixed term, for one or more functions, by work, by season or by project. Taxes are paid by means of a fee slip. Employer withholds and pays taxes and social security contributions, documented with a salary statement.

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What is an artistic representation contract?

The artistic representation contract or manager’s contract is an agreement between a natural or legal person (the manager) and an artist (individual artist or artistic group) by which the latter hires the services of a manager to carry out the necessary arrangements on behalf of the artist.

Example of an actor’s contract

A major reason for the creation of SAG was the fact that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who at the time arbitrated between producers and actors when it came to contract disputes, had a membership clause whereby membership was by invitation only, and of course the Masquers Club group did not have one, so the helplessness of these actors and many others was almost total.

Although none of the actors on the Blacklist could be shown to have advocated overthrowing the government, the Waldorf Declaration marked the beginning of the persecution of Hollywood actors, resulting in hundreds being unable to work in the film industry. During the rise of what is now known as McCarthyism, the Screen Actors Guild ceded to the studios the right to omit from the credits the name of anyone who had not cleared his or her name before Congress.

How does a record deal work?

In the recording contract, the musician or band intervenes from the figure of performer, a legal concept different from the author of the work; the artist performs the work (live, for a recording,…) that is to say, plays the songs, while the author is the one who has composed those songs.

What is a commercial representation contract?

This is a type of contract whereby a company that supplies products or services and is interested in expanding its sales to foreign markets hires a natural or legal person (Representative) with extensive knowledge and experience in foreign trade and international marketing.

What are the elements of an employment contract?

Although the ideal form for the execution of an employment contract is in writing, the individual contract may be executed verbally, as long as the three elements of the employment relationship converge, which are: the rendering of work, subordination and the existence of a salary.

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Casting contract

Resolution of May 3, 2016, of the Directorate General of Employment, by which the III State Collective Labor Agreement regulating the labor relations between producers of audiovisual works and the actors who provide services in the same is registered and published.

To order the registration of the aforementioned Collective Bargaining Agreement in the corresponding Register of collective bargaining agreements and collective bargaining agreements with operation through electronic means of this Management Center, with notification to the Negotiating Committee.

1. This Agreement shall apply to interpretation contracts for the production of audiovisual works entered into between the producers thereof and the actors/actresses intervening therein, whatever the type of performance set forth in the aforementioned audiovisual works, including advertising.

Also excluded from the scope of this Agreement are contracts concluded between audiovisual production companies and extras, as well as contracts for the musical execution of soundtracks for audiovisual works, music videos and contest programs.

What is the percentage charged by artist representation companies?

Usually the manager does not receive a fixed salary, but commissions between 10% and 30% of the income obtained from your artistic activity.

What is the 360 contract?

The 360 agreement or contract is a contract in which two people agree that one of them, the artist or talent, will transfer to another person, the record label, their intellectual property rights resulting from their artistic career.

How much does a record label pay you?

In digital sales the artist receives between 60% and 70% of the money that someone pays to buy the product. Of that 60% or 70%, the profits are divided between the artist and the label, according to the contract. The same happens with streaming.

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Actor’s contract in mexico

One of the main problems faced by cultural and arts workers in Latin America, as well as in other parts of the world, is the lack of recognition of their labor rights; this means that they cannot enjoy other rights derived from employment, such as social rights. This situation is not necessarily due to a lack of legal regulation, since several countries have signed international agreements and have legislation that protects this labor group. However, in practice, the correspondence between labor reality and the legal system is almost nil.

Regarding this situation, the International Labor Organization (ILO) (2015b) warns that atypical employment figures have undergone a significant increase in the global labor market; other work modalities have also proliferated that make the traditional distinction between dependent and independent employment difficult. These pose schemes in which it is difficult to demonstrate the principle of subordination, since employers often use the terms “independent” and “self-employed” to cover up the employment relationship and avoid tax responsibilities (Bensusán, 2007, p. 8).