Where can I find my Microsoft Customer agreement?

Microsoft teams

If you are an Azure customer with a direct Enterprise Contract (EA customer), download the organization’s invoices with information from Download or view Azure billing invoice. For indirect EA customers, see Azure Enterprise enrollment invoices.

Only certain roles have permission to get the invoices, such as the account administrator or Enterprise administrator. For more information on how to get access to billing information, see Manage access to Azure billing using roles.

You can opt out of receiving the invoice via email by following the steps above and clicking Disable sending invoices via email. This option will remove all email addresses configured to receive invoices via email. If you change your mind, you will need to reconfigure the recipients.

Where can I see my Microsoft licenses?

On the My Account page, select Subscriptions. You will see the services you have licenses for, such as the latest desktop version of Office, SharePoint on Microsoft 365 or OneDrive for work or school, and Exchange Online. You will also see the version of the service you are using, such as Plan 1 or Plan 2.

What is the Microsoft Service Agreement?

What is the Microsoft Services Agreement? The Microsoft Services Agreement is an agreement between you and Microsoft (or one of its affiliates) that governs your use of Microsoft online consumer products and services. You can see a complete list of covered products and services here.

How to download the Microsoft license?

How to download your Microsoft Office Pro Plus license? Poli administrative team, select the option I AM A TEACHER. INSTALL OFFICE 2016 button located at the top right. And that’s it!

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b. Acceptable Use. You may use the Product only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise circumvent the technical limitations of the Product, except to the extent permitted by applicable law notwithstanding these limitations. You may not disable, alter or otherwise attempt to circumvent any billing mechanism that measures your use of the Online Services. You may not rent, lease, loan, resell, transmit or provide hosting services for the Product, or any portion thereof, to or for any third party, except to the extent explicitly permitted in this Agreement or the Online Services Terms.

c. End Users. Under this Agreement, you will control End Users’ access to and be responsible for their use of the Product. For example, you will ensure that End Users comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.

i. Shared Directory Data. When you order an Online Service using an email address with a domain provided by an organization with which you are affiliated (e.g., an employer or school), the Online Service will add you to a directory of users who share the same email domain. Your directory data (name, date of registration and e-mail address) may be visible to other Online Service users using the same e-mail domain as your organization.

What happens if I accept the Microsoft License Agreement?

Each time you start a Microsoft Office program, such as Microsoft Office Word, the End User License Agreement dialog box appears. If you click I Agree, the End User License Agreement dialog box disappears and then reappears.

What accounts does Microsoft have?

Microsoft manages outlook.com, live.com, hotmail.com or msn.com accounts, and they are automatically considered Microsoft accounts. This means that any changes you make to this account are carried over to all Microsoft services, such as XBox, Onedrive or Skype, where you also use this account.

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What is a master agreement?

Framework contracts are agreements between one or more buyers and one or more suppliers that establish the terms that will govern the contracts for a certain period of time, particularly with respect to price and, where necessary, the quantity envisaged.

Microsoft store

User Plan. Each user of the Office 365 Developer part of the Developer Services must be assigned to an individual User Plan, regardless of whether they access the service directly or indirectly.

Updates. We may make changes to the Services from time to time, including: the availability of features; how long, how much or how often any particular feature may be used; and the dependencies of the feature on other services or software.

Data Location and Privacy. We treat Customer Data in accordance with the terms hereof and our Privacy Statement. We may transfer, store and process Customer Data in the United States or any country where we or our Affiliates or subcontractors have facilities used for the Developer Services. We will obtain the necessary consent or rights from end users or other persons whose personal data or information or other data is hosted on the Services.

How much does Microsoft teams pay?

Teams is included in Microsoft 365 Enterprise Standard or Premium, with access to Office apps, 1 TB of storage per user in the OneDrive cloud and other services, at €10.50 (Standard) or €16.90 (Premium) per month per account.

How to activate an Office 365 account?

Activate a new Microsoft 365 product key

If you purchased a new Office product key card or received a product key when you purchased Office through an online store, go to Office.com/setup or Microsoft365.com/setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Where can I download Office without a license?

Of course, the best way to download Microsoft Office is from its page, with a product key or digital license. However, the Windows ISO Downloader tool is a very good option to download Office free in Spanish in all its versions and variants if you do not have a key or license.


A scope is a node within a billing account that users use to view and manage billing. It is where you manage billing data, payments, invoices and perform general account management.

If you do not have access to view or manage billing accounts, you probably do not have permission to access them. You can ask the billing account administrator to grant you access. For more information, see the following articles.

Represents a customer for a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program partner. Azure subscriptions and other purchases, such as Azure Marketplace and application-sourced products, are associated with this scope.