Can I consult a vet online?

Free online veterinary consultation

You can post text, images, videos, elaborate surveys, talk privately with other veterinarians and create private groups, you can share your YouTube videos, Instagram images or your tweets, you can meet people who share your same passions, love for animals and nature!

Therefore, through technology, we offer the service of online veterinarian (online), through the veterinary forums present on our platform. Our main goal: to protect animals and, moreover, nature.

What is the open question?

Open-ended questions: These are questions in which the respondent is allowed to answer anything according to the question. … Closed questions: These are questions in which the respondent is only allowed to answer by means of a closed series of alternatives.

How much is an X-ray of a dog worth?

X-ray: 40 euros. Simple veterinary radiography, not to be confused with more complex studies (e.g. radiographs of hip dysplasia).

How much does a cat consultation cost?

3) Visiting a veterinarian

Consultations have an average price of 250 pesos and deworming should be done every 3 months (the pills have a price of 240 pesos).

Free 24 hour online veterinarian

Having a pet can be one of the highest costs in the family economy, especially if veterinary expenses are not foreseen. That is why several platforms have taken advantage of the technological boom to offer simple and low-cost veterinary consultation services.

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This platform linked 35 veterinarians with specializations in dermatology, oncology, feline medicine, nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, ophthalmology, physiotherapy and general medicine. From next month, they will include calls and services for non-conventional pets such as hamsters, mini pigs, birds and fish.

Laika is another of the Colombian creations that saw technology as a driving force. This app, which offers more than 4,000 products and 17 services, offers the option of making emergency calls, requesting veterinarians at home and even choosing a prepaid medicine plan.

Manuela Sánchez, co-founder of the platform, explained that “the prepaid medicine service covers: annual vaccination schedule, two home veterinary consultations and unlimited telephone veterinary consultations, and up to $1 million in expenses for illness or accident at the veterinarian”.

What is done in a veterinarian’s office?

A veterinarian is associated with the health of pets such as dogs and cats, but also works in stables, slaughterhouses, animal feedlots, apiaries, poultry, swine and goat farms, and in the consulting and marketing of animal medicine and products.

How much does a veterinary consultation cost in Argentina 2021?

In addition, a visit to the veterinarian (it costs around $ 650, not including medicines; if the consultation is at home, it can cost $ 900) and the purchase of sanitary stones (from $ 200 for a four-kilogram format, the average volume consumed in a month).

When is a dog first taken to the veterinarian?

When to make the first visit to the veterinarian, what tests are necessary for the correct growth of your pet. The first check-up of a puppy is usually performed at approximately 2 months of age.

Veterinarian online whatsapp gratis colombia

Veterinary Service OnlineDo you want a Professional Veterinary opinion without leaving home? Veterinary Consultation OnLine: Click to go to our services Hello, our team formed by Veterinarians Collegiate, will help you to solve your doubts and consultation about your pet, in an OnLine way without movingWhat can we do for you? Right now you can connect with a Veterinarian of our team so that he/she can guide you. Choose an option:

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Emergency Triage (classification) ONLine for Dogs and Cats FREE!This Free Online service allows you to quickly identify the seriousness of your dog or cat’s situation.  So you can make the best decision without compromising your pet’s health or well-being. Results in 2 minutes

Veterinary Consultation ONLine (Videoconference)Our online veterinary consultation service by videoconference, allows you to contact a veterinarian of our team at the time you decide, from your home and without waiting.Contract VETERINARY CONSULTATION ONLINE

What to do at the first visit to the veterinarian?

Ideally, it is best to choose a veterinarian even before you bring the puppy home. Keep in mind the following for your first visit: You should give the puppy a complete check-up to ensure that everything is in order.

What is the worst thing to feed a dog?

Providing inadequate food to our dog can have very harmful and even lethal consequences for him. Foods such as chocolate, coffee and tea (highly irritating for our dog’s stomach), avocado and raw fish are some of those we should avoid.

What is the difference between open and closed questions?

Unlike the open-ended question, the closed-ended question offers simplified answers. … In open-ended questions, respondents write down what is readily available in their minds, while in closed-ended questions, respondents focus their “attention on specific answers chosen by the researcher.

Free online veterinarian peru

It is recommended to be at the reception of the Hospital on time, because if you do not arrive at the indicated time or within the first 15 minutes of the consultation time, your space will be assigned to another patient (access to parking in the area is complicated, take your precautions).

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It is mandatory to bring your pet with collar and leash, no matter if your dog is obedient or not aggressive. Accidents can always happen and it is better to prevent them. If your dog is aggressive you must bring it with muzzle.

It is also mandatory that you pick up your dog’s excrement when it defecates in the halls or gardens of the Faculty. You can ask for a bag at the reception desk and must deposit the waste in the special containers.

Since doctors change periodically in different areas of the Hospital, different doctors may check your pet throughout your follow-up appointments. The records are managed in both physical and electronic format, so that all physicians have timely information to follow up on each patient.