Do independent schools pay more?

How much does a private school cost

With the extension of the mandatory quarantine in the AMBA, the situation of private schools is alarming: most of them are 80% in arrears and families are asked to pay the fees. These are also affected by the economic crisis, so they prioritize the payment of other services. In addition to this, there is the delay in the payment of the ATP to the institutions and the asphyxia due to their own debts.

In this context, Martin Zurita expressed himself in C5N. The representative of the Association of Private Schools of the Province of Buenos Aires, said regarding the flexibilization: “We depend on what the authorities determine, we have a very large province with districts where the situation is not the same. From the private sector we need to return to normality in the places where it is possible”.In private schools during the quarantine the collection of fees was reduced from 30% to 80%, due to the failure of parents to pay the fees. This puts the continuity of some private schools at risk. Rodolfo De Vicenzi, vice-president of Caiep, had estimated that if the situation continues to be unsustainable, one third of the schools are in danger of closing.

How much do you pay per month in a charter school?

Eighty-seven percent of charter schools charge fees: 202 euros per month on average in Catalonia, 133 in Madrid and 84 in the Basque Country.

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How much does a private school pay?

Those who attend a public school or institute will face an average annual cost of 968 euros; 2,704 euros for those who go to a subsidized school or institute and 6,247 euros for those who choose a private school or institute.

What months is school paid for?

Remember that the financial period for which the annual fee is paid is between May 1 and April 30 of the following year.

How much do schools cost in spain

Containers full of pencils in one of the classrooms of the newly built Les Arts school during the first day of the 2021-2022 school year in the Valencian Community, on September 8, 2021, in Valencia, Valencian Community. – Jorge Gil / Europa Press

Elena Cid, general director of CICAE, has denounced that with “the excuse of underfunding” these centers resort to a variety of “irregular practices”. The problem begins with transparency and with the difficulties that families suffer to really know the money they will have to pay and the conditions in which the students will be if they do not pay the requested fees.

What happens if I do not pay the 2021 school fee?

Article 2° of the same law states that no student shall be deprived of regular attendance to all classes, experiences and pedagogical and institutional activities in general, due to non-payment of fees or quotas, or in arrears in the payment of the same.

What does a charter school mean?

The subsidized schools are privately managed and have a certain freedom in terms of their organization. They are attended by 26% of students, according to the aforementioned report, more than one out of every four Spanish schoolchildren.

What does charter school mean?

A charter school is an institution created by a private company but which in turn receives subsidies from the State. … This means that you can choose an institution where your children can study in line with the education received at home.

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Price of private schools in Spain

In terms of pensions, 58% of schools charge up to S/300 per month; 26% have pensions between S/ 301 and S/ 600; 12%, between S/ 501 and S/ 1000, and less than 4% have pensions higher than S/ 1000.

Likewise, there is an important group of religious schools in this segment, at least 20, such as Recoleta, Santa Ursula, Villa Maria, San Agustin, Inmaculado, etc. There are also the Alpamayo and Salcantay schools for the upper sector and Los Alamos and Monte Alto for the upper middle sectors, or San Pedro and Villa Caritas (Catholic but managed by lay people).

How much does a charter school charge per student?

Spanish families spent in the 2019/2020 academic year an average of 664 euros on public education per student, 1,252 euros on average if they sent their children to subsidized centers and 4,656 euros per student in the case of private institutions.

How much is paid in baccalaureate?

The explanation is simple: in public schools the Baccalaureate is free (students pay only 1.12 euros per year for school insurance) while in subsidized schools, being a post-compulsory stage not subsidized, families have to pay between 230 and 350 euros per month on average, …

How much does a private school in Valencia Spain cost?

In the case of a private school it would be between 1,800 and 1,900 euros, since to all these items must be added transportation, textbooks and the monthly fee, which varies depending on the course and the center.

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Subsidized school

It also states that “the complementary school activities and services of the subsidized schools will be voluntary, will not discriminate against students, may not be part of the school timetable and will not be of a lucrative nature” and that “the collection of specific amounts as remuneration for the referred activities must be authorized by the competent educational Administration”.

The price structure offered by schools that charge higher fees tends to limit the possibilities for families not to pay the fee. Thus, in some cases, the price of the fee is conditioned by the services contracted, in such a way that if the fee is not paid, the costs of other services are increased to the same amount as the fee. In other schools, the fee includes a pack of activities that, if contracted separately, cost much more than the joint fee.

The report also shows that the schools that charge lower fees have a simple structure that is easy to understand in the documentation they provide, making it easier to avoid paying the fee.