Does Boca Raton get hurricanes?

State of Emergency. Saturday, August 1, 2020

Parts of Palm Beach County are under mandatory evacuation, but Boca Raton is not in an evacuation zone. However, residents who live in manufactured homes, a home of substandard construction or in an area prone to severe flooding are considered part of Zone A. This zone is under mandatory evacuation, so you need to know where the shelters are in the Boca Raton, Palm and Beach County area, which are listed below.

Overnight: A chance of showers and thunderstorms, and possibly a thunderstorm after 2am. Mostly cloudy, low around 82. Windy, with northeast winds 22 to 24 mph and then arriving from the north. Wind gusts may be up to 33 mph. Chance of precipitation 70%. New rainfall amounts less than a tenth of an inch, higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Saturday: Tropical storm conditions expected, with hurricane conditions. Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm, then showers and thunderstorms after 8am. High around 88. Heat Index up to 102. 80% chance of precipitation. New rainfall amounts, less than a tenth of an inch possible.

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Access disaster relief and resources Create your family communications plan What’s covered and what’s not after a hurricane Know the alerts and warnings Hurricane Preparedness Tips Homeowners Residential Claims Document Rights and Property Insurance

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The center of the hurricane is about 80 miles south-southeast of Nassau. Part of Broward County and Palm Beach County follow in its path cone. The closest it will come to Miami will be around 8 p.m. Saturday.

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In the Brickell area, which usually suffers from flooding after heavy rains, an apparent normalcy has reigned. However, some of the apartments already had hurricane shutters in place. The city of Miami has appealed to its residents.

It was the strongest storm to hit the Atlantic archipelago in its history, and devastated the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama in the northwest area, displacing thousands of people and killing more than 70.

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comfortablewarmvery warmwarmwarmfrom feb.mar.apr.may.jun.jul.aug.sept.oct.nov.dec.now68 %68 %68 %30 %30 %30 %clearcloudyprecipitation: 158 mmprecipitation: 158 mm39 mm39 mmbohot: 100 %hot: 100 %27 %27 %27 %drydrytourism score: 7.1tourism score:

Average maximum and minimum temperature in Boca Ratoncálidosfrescosene.feb.mar.abr.may.jun.jul.aug.sept.sept.oct.nov.dec.-20 °C-20 °C-15 °C-15 °C-15 °C-10 °C-10 °C-10 °C-5 °C-5 °C0 °C0 °C0 °C5 °C5 °C10 °C10 °C15 °C15 °C15 °C15 °C20 °C20 °C20 °C25 °C25 °C30 °C30 °C30 °C35 °C35 °C40 °C40 °C18 jan.24 °C18 Jan.24 °C8 Aug.32 °C8 Aug.32 °C16 °C16 °C16 °C26 °C26 °C26 °C6 Jun.30 °C6 Jun.30 °C1 Oct.30 °C1 Oct.30 °C7 Dec.25 °C7 Dec.25 °C5 Mar.25 °C5 Mar.25 °C24 °C24 °C25 °C25 °C25 °C19 °C19 °C18 °C18 °CAhoraAhora

The maximum (red line) and minimum (blue line) average daily temperature with the 25th to 75th, and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The dotted thin lines are the corresponding average perceived temperatures.

Boca Raton cloudiness categoriesclearerclearerclearerclearercloudiestene.feb.mar.apr.may.jun.jul.aug.sept.oct.nov.dec.0 %100 %10 %90 %20 %80 %30 %70 %40 %60 %60 %50 %50 %50 %60 %40 %70 %30 %80 %20 %90 %10 %100 %0 %7 Mar.68  %7 Mar.68 %7 Jul.30 %7 Jul.30 %7 Jul.30 %12 Oct.48 %12 Oct.48 %12 Oct.48 %26 May.50 %26 May.50 %NowClearMostly clearMostly cloudyMostly cloudyCloudyCloudy

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