Is Cheltenham College a good school?

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Dorothea Beale LL.D. (March 21, 1831 – November 9, 1906) was a suffragist, educational reformer and author. As principal of Cheltenham Ladies’ College, she was the founder of St Hilda’s College (Oxford).

Outside her college work, Beale threw herself into every effort for educational advancement, and with local philanthropic institutions. She was president of the Headmasters’ Association from 1895 to 1897, and was a member of numerous educational societies. In 1894 she testified before the Royal Commission on Secondary Education, of which James Bryce was chairman. In collaboration with Soulsby and Dove, she embodied her mature views on the education of young girls in Work and Play in Girls’ Schools (1898). Beale was identified with the movement for Women’s Suffrage in the United Kingdom, serving as vice-president of the Kensington Society.[1] She was a member of the Kensington Society in 1898.

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There are language schools in Cheltenham that carry out different activities in the city so that their pupils can get to know its culture and history, as well as encourage interaction between students so that they can get to know each other in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

The language school in Cheltenham helps you to learn a language very easily: simply choose the courses you are interested in and expand your vocabulary. You will learn the grammar intuitively, almost without noticing it.

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Have you been aspiring to learn different languages and are looking for a way to achieve it? If so, practicing language school in Cheltenham is a good platform for you to start in order to fulfill your desire.

Only a group of dynamic, qualified and creative teachers are able to motivate their students to use the languages they learn in Cheltenham in a practical and effective way in real life or work situations.

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Last Friday 22nd March, 44 students from BSB, one of the most popular international schools in Barcelona took part in the biggest sports tour in the school’s history. There were 3 rugby matches between u11s and u12s teams, and 2 netball matches between u14s and u16s teams.

As soon as we landed, we headed to our first match against Pitville School in Cheltenham. We received a warm welcome and all teams played very well: in netball, the u14s team narrowly lost 10-4, while the u16s won with a crushing 35-1; in rugby, the u12s teams lost by 4 tries to 3.

As you can see from the tour photos, our accommodation at the famous Cheltenham Racecourse Ground had amazing views. At the end of the day, we visited the town for the group to enjoy lunch and to strengthen bonds.

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COLLEGE: The program takes place in one of the most prestigious colleges. Ladies’ College, founded in 1853, is located 10 minutes walk from downtown. It is the ideal destination to stay with a family or in the college residence. It has excellent facilities, theater and discotheque.

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ACTIVITIES: It has a full program of activities including a variety of sports, crafts, dance, discos, quiz, international gymkhana and many more amazing activities. Excursions: Two excursions are organized weekly, one full day and one half day. They will visit cities such as London, Gloucester, Bristol, Oxford, Stratford Upon Avon, among others.

CITY: Our Oxford summer program has the great attraction of experiencing firsthand the life of one of the best university cities par excellence. Participants are fortunate to be able to walk through its streets, visit its Colleges and the places where Harry Potter was filmed. In addition to getting to know the great student atmosphere of this beautiful city.