What can a private investigator do that I can t?

What crimes can a private investigator investigate

In addition to limitations on how information can be obtained and other investigative techniques, a private investigator cannot harass a subject, trespass on private property … Anything outside the margins of current law.

GPS trackers can only be placed in vehicles with the consent of an owner. So if we want to track a car, we will need the car to be in the name of the person who wants to do the research. This is easy in tracking commercial vehicles for example, but in the case of utility vehicles in the event that a husband or wife wants to track their spouse, the car must be in the name of the person who wants to do the research.

With this we have initially reviewed all the actions that a detective can not do, but we can act to obtain clear information and with a view to be used in court.

What can a private detective do?

A detective can investigate any case that does not involve a prosecutable crime. We can carry out private investigations, business, economic, real estate, insurance and mutual insurance companies; as well as surveillance and non-uniformed security services.

How much does it cost to hire a private detective?

Price of a Private Detective

This type of professional usually charges by the hour. The most common rate ranges between 30 €/h and 60 €/h during working hours. On holidays or night hours the price is between 50 €/h and 80 €/h. To this you will have to add other expenses related to the investigation.

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How do you know if you are being investigated by a detective?

The best way to find out if you have an active warrant is to call the investigating agency’s office or the sheriff’s office. Many bondsmen will look to see if there is an active warrant for you for free. For federal cases, it is more difficult because investigations are conducted more secretly.

It is legal to hire a private detective

Law 5/2014, of April 4, on Private Security regulates this issue and, to begin with, private detectives are included as part of the private security of natural or legal persons. In addition, it is indicated that offices are offices formed by one or more detectives.

Article 10 of this law clarifies more about our activity. For example, we cannot investigate crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio and, if we find ourselves facing these crimes, we have to report them to the competent authorities and make available all the information we have.

The law also states that private detectives must have a “university degree in the field of private investigation that accredits the acquisition of the competences that are determined, or the title of the private investigation course, recognized by the Ministry of the Interior”. This is another aspect that assures our professionalism.

A detective can investigate any case that does not involve a crime prosecutable ex officio. We can carry out private, business, economic, real estate, insurance and mutual investigations; as well as non-uniformed surveillance and security services.

What can a private detective investigate?

Private detectives may not investigate crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio, and must immediately report to the competent authority any fact of this nature that comes to their knowledge, and making available all the information and instruments that they may have obtained up to that moment.

How much does a private detective in Spain earn per month?

Therefore, it is likely that you will take your first steps in this sector working for a detective agency. In this case, the agreement establishes a minimum salary of 1,200 euros per month, to which commissions and increases would be added as you gain experience and have been with the company for years.

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How much does it cost to locate a person?

The average price throughout Spain is between 30 euros and 80 euros per hour.

What a private detective can investigate

This is the first step to get you started on the right track. In this meeting you will have in front of you the person you may end up hiring. A one-on-one is always essential for any type of relationship and even more so if it is a person to whom you are going to entrust a problem and certain personal and third party information that is very sensitive and delicate.

State clearly and as concisely as possible your problem or case. Let the professional guide you with your questions and let none of them surprise you. We know perfectly well what is and what is not important and in many occasions questions that seem irrelevant or even ridiculous to private detectives give us a lot of information.

With the knowledge of the strategy to follow, the client is offered the price of the service. This will reflect the means to be used, the resources of the company that will be put in the field, both human and technical, and the estimated time of resolution.

The truth is that apart from the copy in hand we also deliver a report in PDF format, encrypted and without permission to modify or copy so that our client also has it in digital format.

What do you have to study to become a detective?

In Argentina there are no official schools that teach how to be a detective, because it is a profession that is in a legal gray area.

How much does a private investigator in Cuernavaca charge?

A private detective in Cuernavaca (Morelos) can cost you between $10,000 and $25,000 pesos approximately. The price may increase depending on the complexity of the job and the time needed to solve it.

How is a person followed up?

Knowing when to approach and when to give space is the key to a good follow-up. Experience and being clear about your objectives help you to know when it is the right time to be close and when to give people space.

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Private detective price

If you are interested in studying private detective, in this article you have everything you need to know about what a private detective is, what you need to work as a private detective and in which universities private detective studies are carried out.

Far from the vision given by the clichés of the profession, such as the bold and perceptive Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with his unmistakable hunting hat and always with a pipe in his hand that helped him to dissect the cases, Along with other cinematic myths such as the shrewd Sam Spade played by Humphrey Bogart, with his unmistakable Fedora hat and trench coat, both figures have always been associated with the image of the private detective and it is difficult for a person not to talk about a private detective and imagine him as one of the two stereotypes.

However, the private detective is a professional who cannot afford to be noticed, so they are professionals who seek extreme normality, to go completely unnoticed while performing their work.