What is the alternative to Kumon?

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This system was devised by a Japanese math teacher to help his own son, who was having trouble with math. The Kumon method focuses on mathematics and reading, and its aim is that the student has sufficient skills in these two areas to perform at their best in their studies.

The method is divided into different levels: from kindergarten to high school. At the beginning, the student is given a test to check which level he/she should start at, and it is structured in such a way that until he/she masters the knowledge of one level he/she cannot move on to the next. Some schools have incorporated it as an extracurricular activity, because it is enough to practice it twice a week, for half an hour, and a few minutes the rest of the days to have optimal results.

What is better than Kumon?

Smartick is a qualitative advantage over other methods such as Kumon that do not rely on technology and are not customized.

How good is the Kumon method?

With the Kumon Method, students begin studying at a comfortable starting point that is appropriate for each student’s ability level, regardless of age or grade level. With the Kumon Method, students learn by solving worksheets independently, without being taught.

How much does the Kumon course cost?

Fees. The registration fee for Kumon is $500.00. The payment is a one-time fee as long as the student is not absent for more than one month per year. Monthly tuition at the Kumon Newton Center is $1,400.00 per subject.

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The main reason for opting for alternative systems is based on the high rate of school failure. In some communities the level of failure in school subjects can reach 30%. According to education specialists, early detection of educational complications helps significantly to improve performance in secondary school. School failure tends to occur especially in high school, and often leads to early dropout.

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Created by Toru Kumon, a mathematics teacher of Japanese origin who wanted to help his son with mathematical operations, it is based on reading comprehension as an essential basis for developing correct study skills. The Kumon Method focuses on two key aspects of learning: reading and mathematics.

The development of the Kumon Method is divided into different levels. It ranges from kindergarten through high school. The student must take an initial test to see which level to start at, and then it is structured in such a way that he or she acquires the knowledge required to advance to the other levels. Education following the Kumon method is present in different countries around the world, and in some schools it has also been incorporated as a method of extracurricular activity. It is enough to practice it twice a week, with a dedication of half an hour, and then dedicate just a few minutes during the rest of the days.

What is the recommended age for the Kumon Method?

At what age do children learn to read with Kumon? From the age of 2, after assessment by Kumon center counselors, children are ready to start reading with the initial levels of Kumon Reading.

What is the meaning of Kumon?

Kumon is an individualized, after-school math and language learning method that helps each child develop the skills necessary to reach his or her full potential, from preschool through college.

What are the Kumon levels?

People constantly ask me about the Kumon levels. There are 23 and, of course, it would make sense for them to be numbered from 1 to 23, wouldn’t it? Well, no. Level 4A: Number sequence up to 220 and writing up to 120.

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Kumon monthly cost 2021

The method was created by a math teacher and father who was concerned about his son’s learning process. The method aims to stimulate the student to enjoy learning and to feel confident during the study process.

The teaching material of the Kumon Method is composed of exercises and is structured so that the beginning is made with easy content and, as he progresses, the degree of difficulty will increase progressively.

With the content appropriate to their ability, students are encouraged to solve the exercises by themselves, reflecting and thinking about them, using their own knowledge as a basis. So that, little by little, they feel confident to seek new knowledge and understand the learning process as something pleasurable.

The role of the Kumon Method coach is to discover what each student is able to do and to expand his or her potential to the fullest. The counselor observes the academic ability, personality and feeling of each student to offer the study that is most appropriate for each one; always stimulating the development of their autonomy and learning capacity.

How does the Kumon program work?

Kumon is a personalized learning method that allows each student to study at the level that is most appropriate for them, regardless of their age or grade level. … Continuous study at the most appropriate level allows students to advance at their own pace and master concepts beyond their school level.

How much does a Kumon teacher earn?

The average salary a Kumon Teacher receives per month in Mexico is approximately $3,675, which is 42% lower than the national average. Salary information comes from 9 sources obtained directly from companies, users and jobs at Indeed over the past 36 months.

What services does Kumon offer?

Kumon is a structured and proven self-study program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new material independently. The key to Kumon programs is individualized instruction, carefully planned by an instructor.

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This application has been recognized with the seal of excellence of the European Commission, has obtained the second position in The South-Summit, was the winner of the VIII edition of the Entrepreneur Awards of La Caixa… And it is already used in 54 countries around the world.

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Inés, from her experience, repeats the same mantra: she has been using it for so long that for her children it is already part of their life, of their daily routine. “It’s true that sometimes they don’t feel like it and we have to make an effort to keep them motivated, but in general they organize themselves well”.

Gonzalo tells us that his daughter Valeria is beginning to realize that the work she has put in is paying off and she sees that math is her best subject. “I have also made them experiment and use many other applications, so they are used to working with apps or programs on the Internet,” says her father.

We started by asking Smartick, the app from which Javier Arroyo tells us that he believes it is a perfect complement to the traditional classroom teacher because, after all, they can’t put the passion of a good math teacher when it comes to motivating.