Whats the first step you should take when organizing your job search?

Work plan job search

The labor market is increasingly changing. The irruption of new technologies and social changes generate threats and opportunities. Many skills and practices are becoming obsolete, but new professions are also emerging.

Be attentive to the transformations that are taking place in the labor market, to the new job opportunities that are emerging and to the demands and preferences of companies. Observing the labor market is a key attitude for your professional development.

It is essential that you analyze where you want to go professionally. If you do not have the right qualifications to access your ideal job, set yourself a realistic short-term goal and start mapping out your strategy to reach your ultimate goal later on.

Having a clear objective will also help you concentrate resources and efforts in a certain direction, which will save you time and energy, and will clearly increase your chances of finding the job you really want.

How do I get a job if I have no experience?

YES To get a job without experience it is essential that you learn everything about the sector and the position you are interested in, read blogs, join groups in social networks and forums, watch tutorials, in short, become an expert in the field. If you have the possibility, sign up for workshops, diploma courses and certifications.

What aspects are important to consider when starting a job search?

It is useful to have information about the vacant position, about what the employer is looking for, for example: what are the duties and responsibilities of the position, what are the required skills, if you have staff in charge, if you have a direct boss or to whom you answer and how much is paid in the market for a position …

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What are the current sources of employment?

Currently, salaried work, self-employment (liberal professions, traders and others), informal or irregular work (which continues to be salaried but without tax control), servitude, as well as a level of unemployment (people who seek and do not find employment) still coexist.

Context-dependent issues in the job search

I am one of those who think that 99% of the problems that an organization has are directly or indirectly derived from a bad selection of personnel from the Human Resources Department.

If we transfer it to any area of our life, it is very well understood; it is obvious that our life will be better if we choose the right friends or if we choose the right partner or any other choice we make that has a direct impact on our happiness and productivity.

It is a generalized endemic evil to think that a personnel selection process can be done by anyone, and that it does not need a great preparation on the part of the person or persons who are going to carry out this process; if this were so, why not think in the same way that an accounting plan or a marketing plan or a commercial direction can be done by anyone? If we assume that this accounting or marketing plan is going to be carried out by a person in our organization, is it logical to think that it will have to be carried out by people who are technically and personally qualified to do it?

What are the sources of a job?

The source of a reference indicates where readers can retrieve the cited work. … The source of a work that is part of something (e.g., journal article or edited book chapter) is that larger something. That is, the source of a journal article is the journal, plus any applicable DOI or URL.

What are the main sources of employment in Ecuador?

Trade, education and social services, manufacturing and agriculture are the main drivers of formal employment. Of the 3,094,795 people, who as of March 2019 were adequately employed, 16.4%; that is, 507,546 were located in commercial activity.

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What are hemerographic sources?

A hemerographic card is an annotation that contains the most important information of the newspaper or magazine that was used to gather the information of a research work. In the hemerographic cards the data are recorded in the following way: The name of the newspaper, underlined.

Job plan for finding a job

Think about the job interviews you have had, how did you prepare for them? How did you behave during the interview? How did the interviewer behave? What was the result?

It is very important that you prepare and learn about the hiring company, visit their website and social networks, try to find out what their goals are. If you know someone who works or has worked there, do not hesitate to consult them.

Think about the questions you will ask the interviewer: what will my responsibilities be, how does this position fit into the structure of the department, what incentives are given for further training, who are the clients, what is the company’s goal, does it have an expansion plan?

We are sure you have heard this many times before, but it is worth remembering: body language is very important. Don’t forget to smile, sit up straight and keep both feet on the ground; speak clearly and confidently. Remember to maintain eye contact throughout the interview.

What to do in a job interview if I have no experience?

“Why haven’t you had any work experience until now?” or “Why did you leave your last job?”: try to give a positive vision to your answer, maybe for studying or changing jobs, but don’t tell negative things, heed the tips for the first job interview without experience, talk about evolution …

What is the current employment rate in Ecuador 2021?

Adequate employment in the country stood at 33.7% in November 2021, according to the National Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment Survey (Enemdu). This is the highest rate since May 2021.

Which are the sectors that have grown the most and have become generators of employment in Ecuador?

The economic sectors with the greatest opportunities for job creation and sustainable ventures, according to the ILO, are e-commerce, software development, internet of things, basic education, green and healthy transportation, healthcare and agriculture (coffee and cocoa crops).

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Steps to apply for a job

Check out the eleven essential tips to find a job, whatever your situation is. There are several possible scenarios that lead you to not knowing how to start looking for a job. Do you recognize yourself in one of them?

Are you clear about what you want to work for and in which company? Prepare a career plan and describe your professional characteristics and skills. Also, include what the job you are applying for should be like (hours, location, etc.), job description and examples of organizations you would like to work for.

Once you have decided what and where you want to work, while the opportunity arises, do not hesitate to improve those aspects that are part of your weaknesses compared to other candidates and transform them into strengths through training.

The time has come when the phone rings or an email arrives in your inbox, asking you when you can have an interview. You know that this is the beginning of what could be the home stretch. Read the recommendations we give you to prepare well for your first job interview.