Can I disable Upday?

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Android is a system that lets you tweak everything to leave it to your liking, is its main asset, that allows you to install alternative clients to the most popular apps, so you have your own network of apps that fit your needs.

Now is where we can see the full potential of Android, you have free reign to select which notifications you want and which you don’t want.  Imagine that you want to open the normal videos with YouTube Vanced, and the direct and comments of your videos you want to open them with the classic YouTube app, it is as simple as disabling the notifications you want from one app and have them active in the other.  And if you want to replace one app for the other completely (as is the case of the example), simply disable all notifications.

What is Upday on mobile?

Upday is one of the most popular mobile news sources in Spain and Europe, with more than 20 million unique users in 34 countries. The application combines an algorithm with the work of journalists who select and verify the most relevant news for the reader.

How to stop receiving news on my cell phone?

Change notifications

Tap News Settings . Under “Alerts”, tap Notifications. To receive notifications, turn on the Receive notifications option. To stop receiving notifications, turn off the Receive Notifications option.

How to remove the news from my Samsung?

We go to the “Settings” of the Android mobile and then enter the “Notifications” section. Once inside we look for the “Advanced settings” option to end up on the screen where we can remove those icons at the top.

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Upday samsung

Apps accumulate a huge amount of usage data, both in the form of cache and other personal information. If you are concerned about the excess of such information, it is very easy to delete what they store on your phone. Here’s how to do it:

Deleting app data allows you to save a bit of memory, not so much keep your privacy since the apps will have taken care of backing up all that information to servers. Even so, it is not a bad idea to delete data and use the apps more sparingly.

Additionally, you can delete everything that the applications have stored on their servers from you. This is more complicated and depends on each service: you must look in your privacy options, within the account settings.

You want to wipe your phone clean and remove all traces of usage? All that’s left is to reset it to factory settings. Of course, everything is deleted: both the usage data and the applications and photos themselves. Do it only if you are convinced that you need to leave your Android as new. Because you are going to sell it, give it to a friend or simply because you want to start from scratch.

How to deactivate Google News?

If you just want to Disable notifications coming from the Google News app for Android, all you have to do is go to your device’s settings and select the option that allows you to disable receiving notifications from the latter.

How to remove the Google Chrome warning?

After opening Chrome for Android, go to the menu in the upper right corner. There you will see Settings. And, inside, you will see Notifications. The fastest and most effective option is to accept or block “All Notifications from Websites”.

Why am I getting notifications from Google?

By default Chrome alerts us every time a website wants to send our Android device its push notifications, displaying the permission in a pop-up window, which we can allow, block or dismiss (by tapping the back button).

Upday android

This app is accessed by swiping the main screen of your phone from left to right. This will reveal a screen with the most important news of the day. The reality is that Upday is a kind of Samsung news aggregator, however although for many users it can be very useful, the truth is that I prefer to read the news directly from my favorite websites and not those proposed by Samsung.

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This will display a carousel from which you can customize the different home screens of your Samsung device. In our case as Upday for Samsung is by default on the home screen on the left, we will have to slide the carousel from the left to the right to place Upday in the central part of the screen. This will make the ON/OFF switch accessible.

In our case obviously what we will do will be to place the switch in position OFF so that automatically the Upday section is totally deactivated. Now you just have to press the Home button and then try to slide the screen from the left to the right and check how you can no longer access the news of the day.

When I open Google Chrome another page opens?

The Google Chrome browser appears to be open twice in the taskbar. This problem can occur when the incorrect user profile has been corrupted or removed from the Google Chrome™ browser settings.

Why does my cell phone open applications by itself?

There are times when some key applications start crashing by closing on their own all of a sudden. This can be a problem caused by Android System WebView, the internal component of your phone that allows apps to open web links internally without having to use the installed browser.

How to remove Google Chrome virus on mobile?

Then go to “Settings” and click on “Apps”. Next, click on “Manage Apps” and in the list that appears click on “Chrome”. If you can’t find it, you can search for it in the box that appears. Click on “Clear data” and choose “clear cache”.

Upday news

If you have a Samsung mobile, you may know Upday, a news service that comes preinstalled on much of the Samsung mid-range. In case you are not too convinced, today we will see how you can remove Upday so that it neither sends you notifications nor appears on the home screen.

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Upday in a way replaces Flipboard, which was formerly included on Samsung phones. So, it appears when you swipe the home screen to the far left and also sends you various notifications throughout the day of important or not-so-important news.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is Upday and why is it on your mobile? In the vast majority of cases, the second question you should refer it to Samsung, as it is who has decided to include this application preinstalled on several of its models.

Upday is integrated by default in the startup of Samsung mobiles, so that when you swipe to the left it ends up being displayed. This can be annoying and therefore it is understandable that you want to disable it. To do this you need to go to the main screen of your mobile and make a long tap on any empty part (that is, do not do it on an icon or widget).