How do I change my Hangouts notification sound?

Download hangouts message

Now we will see how we are shown a drop-down list with the different notification tones that Hangouts has, and we check that Hangouts Message is selected by default. By clicking on other possibilities we will hear the notification tone, and when we find one that we like we simply click OK.

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How to remove the sound of notifications?

Turn off the sound of Android Auto notifications.

To activate it you just need to go to the application settings and look for the option ‘Notifications without sound’. If you activate it, it will comply with what it describes. Notifications will still appear on the car or mobile screen, but they will not have sound.

How to remove the sound from Google notifications?

Muting and unmuting Google Chrome sounds on cell phones

In this case, to mute them, we will rely on the volume controls of the Android smartphone or iPhone. Just by tapping on the volume and adjusting it, we can choose whether we want it to sound or not without preset preferences.

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How to remove Google chat?

On the computer, access Hangouts at or in Gmail. Select a conversation. Select Delete conversation. If you are sure you want to delete the conversation, click Delete.

Hangouts notification sound download

And, if for whatever reason you were already tired of the ringtone or notification of Hangouts, with version 2.1.223 you can replace it with the one you want, so you can receive in a more pleasant way all messages or calls on your phone.

Another advantage of this version is that you can customize each of the conversations you have with a different notification tone, so you can have a good string of them and quickly differentiate who wants to contact you. To change the tones you have to go to “Users and options” in each of the conversations you have active in Hangouts.

How to fix the sound of a Motorola?

> Settings > Sound >Volume. This opens a dialog where you can drag a slider to adjust the volume of the tones that sound when you receive a phone call.

How to remove sound from a program?

The quickest and most drastic way to avoid sound disturbances is to use the Do Not Disturb option. You can go to it from the Settings > Sounds and vibration section. Activating the Do Not Disturb option will silence all calls and alerts, unless you have configured a custom exception.

How to remove the sound from the wasap conversation?

Once you are inside the person’s profile, you have to click on the Custom Notifications option. This is the second option after the option to mute notifications, and it will take you to a menu with several options. When you get to the Notifications menu you will see that all the options are disabled.

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Google chat

To begin with, Hangouts uses “Hangouts Message” as the default notification tone. However, if you don’t like the same, you can set the sound of your choice using the method below. You can also follow it to reset the notification sound to default if it was changed by mistake.

You can also mute the sound of Hangouts notifications by selecting ‘Mute’ or hide them completely by disabling the ‘Allow notifications’ option. If you’re most concerned about on-screen pop-ups, consider disabling ‘Banners’ in Hangouts Notification Settings.

It was about how you can change the notification sound of the Hangouts app on your Android phone. Following the guide, you can also change the incoming audio and video ringtone. Let me know if you have any other related questions or queries in the comments below. Stay tuned for more such articles.

How to change the sound of Gmail notifications?

How to change Gmail sounds

By logging in to your account, you can select the “manage notifications” option, and there define which sound you want to be played when a notification comes in.

Why aren’t Gmail notifications ringing?

How to fix problems with Gmail notifications

Open phone settings. Go to applications and click on application manager. Search for Gmail and click on it. Click on notifications and activate the option allow notifications.

How to change whatsapp notifications sound on PC?

Click on Settings and then access the Notifications menu. In this screen, you can choose to disable or enable sounds, desktop alerts and decide whether to show message previews in order to preserve your privacy.

Disable hangouts notifications

Users are not receiving notification sounds when they receive a message or call in Hangouts and have missed important messages due to this bug. People have encountered this problem on both smartphones and PC or Mac when using the Hangouts Chrome extension. If you see this problem on a smartphone, there is a simple fix that seems to have worked for many.

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*Notification sound may be set to “Default notification sound”. If that’s the case, open this section and change the alert tone to something else. You should now receive notification alerts as expected.

Recommended How to charge an Apple Watch and other charging tips*To fix the incoming calls issue, repeat the same steps after going to the Notification section and selecting Incoming Calls instead of Messages.

Unfortunately, there is no similar solution if you are facing this problem on a device. Some users have found that simply removing and reinstalling the Hangouts Chrome extension seems to work.