How do I fix my notifications?

Why notifications do not appear in the status bar?

Although there are methods to recover those notifications deleted or lost on the mobile, in the event that contain important information and we can not do without this. Keep reading because we will provide you with some tricks to regain access to the information you have deleted consciously or unintentionally on your smartphone or smartphones in case you have more than one.

If you are wondering how to recover deleted notifications on your phone, you are in the right place to regain access to the information that was in the notifications you deleted.  Below, we will give you a series of tricks that will help you to do so.

When you have already carried out the activation of the history of notifications on the phone, the next step with which you must continue is learning how to consult this history, which will come in handy to re-read those notifications that have been received on the phone and have been deleted, by mistake or intentionally. If the notification history has not been activated on the phone, it will not be possible to access the notifications previously received on the smartphone.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

Check if the notification appears in the Android notification tray or notification bar. Check that you have enabled notifications on your phone. Android Settings > Apps (then Manage apps, for some users) > Signal > Select Show notifications.

How to retrieve notifications?

Steps to recover deleted notifications on your phone

First of all, and in the case of Android 11 only, we recommend you to enter the notification history of your smartphone. This history allows the continuous recording of all notifications received on the mobile device.

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Why do I get messages only when I open WhatsApp?

Turn off your phone, wait 30 seconds and turn it on again. Reset application preferences in Settings > Applications > Menu button > Reset preferences. … These programs do not allow WhatsApp to receive messages when the app is not open.

Notice of notifications

There are times when it is an application that we have installed on Android that is causing problems, as in this case with the notifications bar. Identifying if this is the case is something we should do, to rule this out and to take action in case it is an app that is the culprit. The best thing to do is to activate the phone’s safe mode, to try to display the notification bar in this mode.The steps to access the safe mode change between brands, although they are usually similar, as we already told you. In Android safe mode we can use the phone and perform actions that were giving problems, as in this case deploy the notification bar. If in this safe mode it is possible to slide it, at least it is not a problem in this is likely to be some app that you have recently installed, so check when the problem started. If it is after you have installed some app on your phone, then try uninstalling it from your phone. Chances are that after doing this the notification bar will work again.

How to unmute by Google?

Opens the phone’s Settings app. Mute shortcut. Enable or disable Mute sounds. If you do not see the “Mute sounds” option, follow the steps for earlier versions of Android.

How can I view the notification history on my cell phone?

Open your phone’s Settings application. Notifications. Under “Lock screen”, tap Notifications on lock screen or On lock screen. Select Show notifications with alert and silent.

Why do I get messages only when I open WhatsApp iphone?

According to WhatsApp, on its web portal, this is due to a fault between your phone and internet connection. … Check that the option Restrict background data is disabled: to do this go to your phone, go to Settings, Apps, App Manager, WhatsApp, Data usage.

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What notifications do I have

Do you have problems with notifications? Do you receive messages but they do not appear in that notification bar? It may be due to several causes, and in this article we want to help you find the problem.The difference between reading an email or a message, and not doing it on time, may be in the notification system of our Android. All those apps rely on that system to alert us when something requires our attention. Emails, social networks, messaging apps… there are few that don’t use it, actually.

The problem comes when those notifications, for whatever reason, don’t show up: we don’t find out that we’ve been sent messages because the notifications don’t reach us, or don’t reach us on time. And we know how frustrating that can be when you need them to work, so we want to help you get them working again.Do you have silent mode / priority notifications / alarms only activated?

The screenshots you have just above correspond to that battery optimization mode within Android M: hopefully it will be in the final version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and customization layers already do it in a similar way (albeit in their own way). We can select the apps we want to run at full performance, in exchange for a bit of our battery.Follow the topics that interest you.

Why sometimes I don’t receive WhatsApp messages?

From its questions and answers site, WhatsApp explained that one of the reasons why you do not receive messages until you open the application is because you have muted the notifications of a chat or have completely disabled them throughout the app, so you should go to the settings of your phone and click on the …

Where is the notification bar located?

The Android status bar is located at the top of the screen. The left side of this bar is reserved for displaying notifications.

What is the notification bar?

What is the notifications panel

The name itself already gives us the clue that it is the place where Android notifications appear, that is, the place where you usually check if you have something pending as, for example, unread messages on WhatsApp or new interactions on a social network.

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Whatsapp notifications

Sometimes you may not be receiving notifications from a particular application. For example, imagine that you are not receiving WhatsApp notifications when you receive a message. This is a serious problem, isn’t it? Here are some possible solutions if you’re not receiving notifications from an app.

Having enough free internal memory is extremely important. With little free internal memory, your phone will slow down, and you may stop receiving notifications from many apps. For this, what you have to do is to free up memory. If you have the possibility to install a microSD card, put here the videos and photos that take up space on the internal memory. You can also uninstall heavy apps.

Once I made a mistake and disabled Gmail synchronization. Since then, I don’t get notifications from Gmail. It’s not really too relevant for me, because I don’t want to be receiving notifications with every email, only when I log in to the app. However, you may have inadvertently turned off notifications. So, go to Settings > Apps, select any app you don’t receive notifications from, and see if the Notifications checkbox is checked or unchecked.