How do I get rid of floating notifications?

Notifications chrome virus

There are more and more web pages that want to get your attention and behave like applications, and the first step is always to ask for your permission to display applications in your browser. At any time you will be able to decide if you want to give them that permission, but what if you change your mind or just want that no one else asks you for access?

Once you are inside the configuration you will see a lot of options. There, scroll down until you reach the Privacy and security section, where you will see a box with several options. In this box, click on the option Website settings with which you will control the information that can be used and the content that the websites you access can show you.

You will go to a window in which you can see the elements that can be accessed by the web pages you visit. On this page click on the Notifications option, which will allow you to configure which pages access your browser’s notifications.

If you want to disable all notifications in Chrome, uncheck the option Web sites may ask you if you want them to send you notifications. This is the first option that you will find in the notifications section, and disabling it with the button on the right will not show notifications or ask you if you want to activate it, simply the option will be disabled.

How to disable floating notifications?

Remove floating notifications on Android

So, the first thing we will have to do to disable floating notifications on Android 5.0, we have to access Google Play, and download and install the Headsoff app, which is available completely free.

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How to remove Xiaomi notification replay?

If what we want is to disable or mute notifications on our Xiaomi of a specific application, we just have to follow the following steps: Go to Settings > Notifications. Once inside, in the lower area we will deactivate those applications that we do not want to receive notifications.

How to disable Whatsapp floating notifications?

We just have to access it and we will see the option called Floating notifications. By clicking on it we will find all the apps that have access to show us floating notifications on the mobile screen, and we can change it by simply enabling or disabling the controller.


Those pop-ups appear just when I’m typing and happen to accept the promotions coming in. A day I get an average of 4 notifications with different promotions. A few moments ago I just got one that by chance (because I was just writing) I accepted, a promotion of 3 GB of internet for 10 soles. Why do I want internet data if I don’t leave home and use the wifi?

It is very possible that if you get 4 pop-up notifications approximately daily, you may have installed third-party applications that are generating these annoying notices you know that have profits with advertising; for this particular case I would recommend you to review your installed apps and enter to disable notifications and permissions in the background. You can also do it in the browser in Settings/Site Settings/Notifications and block-delete all traces or notifications that you see and do not know.

How to remove Huawei floating notifications?

In Android 12 it is from Settings > Notifications > Bubbles. There we will have the option to allow applications to display bubbles. Chat bubbles are usually enabled by default. To remove the chat bubbles we will only have to disable this option.

How to disable notifications on my cell phone?

We go to the “Settings” of the Android mobile and then enter the “Notifications” section. Once inside we look for the “Advanced settings” option to end up on the screen where we can remove those icons at the top.

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How to remove notifications from the home screen?

Hide messages on Android locked screen:

If you want to stop seeing notifications when your mobile screen is locked, you follow these steps: Open the Settings app. Tap “Apps & Notifications” > Notifications. Select “On lock screen” > “Do not show notifications”.

Disable chrome notifications

The first method allows you to remove the notification bubble temporarily or dismiss it without opening it. To do this, press and hold the bubble. Drag it to the bottom of the screen where you will see a cross (X) or trash can icon. Lift your finger when the bubble reaches the X icon. That should hide the notification bubble temporarily from your screen. However, once you receive a new message from the same app, the chat bubble will reappear.

There are two types of bubbles on Samsung phones: the Android 11 notification bubble and Samsung’s smart pop-up view. Both of them can be disabled from the same settings. Here are the steps for the same:

Note: If a smart pop-up view or bubble icon is already on your screen when you tap Disabled, remove it manually. That is, drag the icon down. Doing so will hide the icon and disable floating notifications.

The above method will completely disable floating notification bubbles on your Samsung phone. But if you want, you can allow some apps to appear in the smart pop-up window if you want.

How to clear Android notifications?

Step 1: tap to open the Settings app. Step 2: tap Sound & Notifications. Step 3: tap App Notifications. Step 4: tap to open an app and then tap the button next to Block to enable or disable notifications.

How to activate WhatsApp floating notifications?

In order to get this feature on your Android device, you must first go to Google Play and download the Notifly application, it is completely free and takes up very little space. Then you must open the app and configure WhatsApp. There you must enable the bubbles to be superimposed in the foreground.

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How to remove floating notifications on Samsung?

Access the settings of your Samsung Galaxy. Remember that it must be updated to One UI 3.0. Go inside the ‘Notifications’ menu. Go to ‘Advanced Settings’ and access ‘Floating Notifications’.

Disable notifications – android

Allow Website Notifications (“Allow Website Notifications”) is a spam promotion method that has become popular among cyber criminals. It is a simple method that is used to promote various malicious sites. Research shows that users often encounter Allow Website Notifications when they have potentially unwanted adware-type applications (PUAs) installed on their computers.

In the past, most spam was distributed through emails. However, email providers have become more efficient at solving the problem and therefore this method is less effective. Therefore, criminals are looking for new methods to spread spam, including Allow website notifications.

In general, the Allow website notifications option is legitimate and allows web developers to notify users when new content is published. However, criminals misuse this feature to promote malicious websites. When users open a website with Allow Website Notifications, they are prompted with a pop-up window asking for permission to display notifications.