How do I get text alerts from UPS?

How to open an ups account

To help consumers avoid these scams, other government agencies such as the FTC encourage consumers who receive suspicious emails, text or phone messages to visit the delivery carrier’s website directly or use the retailer’s tracking tools.

National delivery companies also provide information on their websites to help consumers avoid package delivery scams. Both FedEx and UPS state that they do not solicit personal or payment information through unsolicited text messages and emails.

UPS tracking

CyberPower’s PowerPanel software, included with all compatible CyberPower UPS systems, monitors and controls a UPS with a simple dashboard interface. The PowerPanel Business Edition software version provides IT professionals with the tools they need to easily monitor and manage backup power.

This advanced software allows users remote access from any networked PC with a standard web browser to instantly access vital UPS battery conditions, load levels and backup time information, as well as provide unattended shutdown of networked computers and virtual machines connected to the UPS during a power event.

Power alerts can be configured to send notifications via e-mail, text or instant messaging. PowerPanel software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 and all versions of Windows 2k+.

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Different scams are taking advantage of SMS messages to offer supposed tracking and package alerts inciting the installation of fraudulent APK applications. DHL: Your package is arriving’ or ‘Your shipment is on its way’: if you receive any SMS of this type with a link to download an app, do not proceed to install it.

Given that most people buy products over the Internet, and that, once purchased, we tend to track shipments from our smartphones, many fraudsters take advantage of this attention to sneak in a fraud that has become quite common: that of the APK with malware for Android. To do this, the most popular courier companies, especially those working for Amazon, are used as a hook. DHL, Correos… Special attention should be paid to these SMS.

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These frauds are disguised as alerts that we are used to receiving on our cell phones. Tracking of shipments, products that are on their way home, double authentication… They usually offer links to a website that imitates the original companies, in line with the content of the SMS. And from that website, the user is prompted to download an APK loaded with malware that is usually difficult to uninstall.

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Most illegitimate “work at home” employment scams can be avoided by being wary of unrealistic promises of pay without any necessary experience, or jobs that require you to make a payment before obtaining specific information. However, some of these scams are more difficult to identify as fraudulent, and may result in you being personally liable. Some identified examples include:

If you have received an unexpected check or money order, you should assume it is fraudulent. You should be extremely cautious if you receive a check or money order for a larger amount than expected. You may be contacted and asked to cash or deposit the money and return a portion via Western Union or other means. The scammer will recommend that you keep a portion of the money, which is less than generous considering that the original check is likely fraudulent. Even the bank may initially believe the check or money order is legitimate, and will only discover the truth later and return it to you for a refund.