How do I turn off floating notifications in Realme?

Disable whatsapp floating window

Android chat bubbles allow us to chat with our contacts comfortably from any application through its floating windows, further enhancing the multitasking of our device. Next we will see how to configure chat bubbles in Android 11 and Android 12.

In Android 11 chat bubbles are configured from Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications > Bubbles. In Android 12 it is from Settings > Notifications > Bubbles. There we will have the option to allow apps to show bubbles. Chat bubbles are usually enabled by default. To remove the chat bubbles we will only have to deactivate this option.

With the chat bubbles enabled we will see how in some messaging applications the ‘Chat bubble’ icon appears in the lower right corner of the notification. It is there when you tap it when you actually activate the chat bubbles in that application, at least for that contact.

The conversation will now be displayed in a floating window above the app we were using. Tapping on the contact icon will minimize the window and we will be able to move the chat bubble to any side of the screen. To remove the chat bubble we just have to drag it to the bottom and center of the screen.

How to disable floating notifications?

Remove floating notifications on Android

So, the first thing we will have to do to disable floating notifications on Android 5.0, we have to access Google Play, and download and install the Headsoff app, which is available completely free.

How to remove Huawei floating notifications?

In Android 12 it is from Settings > Notifications > Bubbles. There we will have the option to allow applications to display bubbles. Chat bubbles are usually enabled by default. To remove the chat bubbles we will only have to disable this option.

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What is a silent notification?

Mute: The phone will not ring or vibrate. However, the notification will appear when you swipe down from the top of the screen.

Floating notifications android 11

We bring you a guide with 45 features and tricks of Realme UI, the customization layer that Realme puts on their phones, and that you can find on devices like the Realme 8 5G that we have used to test them. It is a customization layer with which the manufacturer gives a distinctive touch to the Android version of their phones.

The aim of this article is that if an inexperienced user has bought a Realme mobile, in this guide you have everything you need to be able to squeeze the most out of it. Therefore, you will understand that we focus on many of the essential functions, although we also include some more advanced tricks that we hope can help you even if you are a more knowledgeable user.

As we often do, let’s start by talking about the now almost essential dark mode, which turns all the colors of the operating system interface from light to black or dark. In addition to aesthetic, this mode also helps to have your eyes a little more rested when you are looking at the screen.

How to activate WhatsApp floating notifications?

In order to get this feature on your Android device, you must first go to Google Play and download the Notifly app, it is completely free and takes up very little space. Then you must open the app and configure WhatsApp. There you must enable the bubbles to be superimposed in the foreground.

What are Xiaomi floating notifications?

The floating notifications are those that emerge from the top of the screen of our Xiaomi when we receive a new notification. To date we could only disable them, something that has changed with the latest MIUI update.

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How to activate Xiaomi floating notifications?

Enable or disable floating notifications in Xiaomi

Just go to Settings > Notifications and tap on the button called “Floating”. This will take us to a new tab where we can manually choose the apps that do and those that do not have access to this type of alerts on our mobile.

Disable floating notifications samsung

The first method allows you to remove the notification bubble temporarily or dismiss it without opening it. To do this, press and hold the bubble. Drag it to the bottom of the screen where you will see a cross (X) or trash can icon. Lift your finger when the bubble reaches the X icon. That should hide the notification bubble temporarily from your screen. However, once you receive a new message from the same app, the chat bubble will reappear.

There are two types of bubbles on Samsung phones: the Android 11 notification bubble and Samsung’s smart pop-up view. Both of them can be disabled from the same settings. Here are the steps for the same:

Note: If a smart pop-up view or bubble icon is already on your screen when you tap Disabled, remove it manually. That is, drag the icon down. Doing so will hide the icon and disable floating notifications.

The above method will completely disable floating notification bubbles on your Samsung phone. But if you want, you can allow some apps to appear in the smart pop-up window if you want.

How to deactivate the notification window?

To disable this you must go to Settings/System/Notifications and Actions, and disable the notifications you want.

What are silent notifications in WhatsApp?

How to mute or unmute notifications. You can mute notifications for an individual or group chat for a specified period of time. You will still receive messages sent to that individual or group chat, but your device will not beep or vibrate.

What notification?

Notification is the action and effect of notifying (a verb that comes from Latin and means to formally communicate a resolution or to give notice for a certain purpose). … A judicial notice, on the other hand, is an act of communication from a court or tribunal.

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Disable floating notifications whatsapp android 10

While this is not a problem that affects all Realme phones, several users have reported a “bug” that usually appears in those phones where the Android update has been forced (regardless of the phone model).

The arrival of Realme UI has integrated a number of changes that affect several terminals, especially new ones, and this causes that by default not all notifications appear in the top bar.

This is not something new, as some customization layers of other smartphone brands, such as Xiaomi or Huawei, have also faced this type of problem. The good news is that solving this incident is extremely simple, since you only have to configure the notifications from the settings section within the mobile.

The tutorial that we show you below serves only to solve the problem that makes notifications are not observed in the notification bar of Realme cell phones. If your problem is related to advertising that appears on your Realme mobile, this solution will not help you.