What does a blue P mean for parking?

Blue zone spain

Surely more than once you have doubted whether to leave your car in the green parking zone or in the blue zone to pay less. In Madrid the rates are different if you park in the blue or green zone, and you pay depending on how much your car pollutes. In this article we review how the Regulated Parking Service (SER) works.

Green parking spaces are also known as resident parking spaces. In these spaces, residents with authorization can park for an unlimited period of time within their neighborhood.  All other users can park for a maximum of two hours.

Which are the cheapest parking spaces: blue or green? What are the current rates? As we said before, blue parking spaces are the cheapest, except for residents. Below are the current rates for parking in green and blue zones in Madrid:

What does the P on a sign mean?

Parking sign – blue sign with the letter P on a rectangular plate isolated in white. road signs for parking.

What is cheaper to park in blue or green zone?

Blue parking spaces are usually located on avenues and cost less for non-residents than green parking spaces. Any user can park for a maximum of four hours.

What is the difference between the blue zone and the green zone?

The blue zones are for visitors only, and the time limit varies depending on each city (4 hours approx.). Green zones for residents have no time limit. In most cities non-residents can park with time restrictions depending on the city (2h approx.).

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Parking colors

To benefit from Park&Ride, you have to download the free AMB P+R Aparcaments d’Intercanvi Metropolitans app, which is available on Android and iOS. Once the registration in the app is done, you can already use the P+R reserved parking spaces in the following way:

Temporary tickets -such as the T-Usual- have to be authorized only once at the tester machine and are valid to benefit from the service until their expiration date. Non-temporary tickets -such as the T-Casual- must be authorized at the ticket machine each time the service is used and are valid for 24 hours from the start of the service in the application.

The Park&Ride service is managed by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB), which has an information telephone number 93 033 33 33 (Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) and a website http://www.amb.cat/aparcamentsintercanvi with all the details on how the service works.

What is the difference between blue zone and orange zone?

The orange zone has a special tariff and timetable regime. During the first two hours of parking, the normal blue zone rate is maintained: the minimum ticket is for 10 minutes and costs 0.25 euros.

What does the stop symbol mean?

The most representative Restrictive Traffic Signal is “Stop” and is used at: The junction of two roads with heavy traffic. The junction of a secondary road with a main road. The crossing of any road with a railroad.

What marks a boundary line?

A solid white line marks the right edge of the road or separates lanes of traffic moving in the same direction. You may travel in the same direction on both sides of this line, but you must not cross the line unless you must do so to avoid a hazard.

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Blue area

The environmental regulations of the DGT establishes a classification of the vehicle fleet with the aim of positively discriminating the most environmentally friendly vehicles and serve municipal policies, both in traffic restrictions in episodes of high pollution, and in the promotion of new technologies through tax benefits or related to mobility and the environment.

Pay the ORA of Valencia with the official parking meter app from your cell phone. Telpark is the system that allows you to manage the Regulated Parking from any place and device, both to modify the parking time and to cancel complaints. Easy, convenient and secure.

ElParking is the official app for the blue zone, orange zone and other regulated zones in Valencia. You don’t have to look for the parking meter because you can pay from your mobile. Get your ticket from your mobile, and if you need it, extend it from wherever you are. Forget about coins and discover the advantages of paying the blue zone with your mobile.

How long can the car be in the blue zone?

Blue parking spaces: Any user may park for a maximum of four hours. In neighborhood delimiting roads, you can park on both sidewalks as long as you have paid the amount corresponding to the color of the parking space.

What is a green lined parking lot?

The green zone is designed especially for residents, and there is no time limit to park in it. Non-residents have to pay more than if it were the blue zone, and have a maximum time of 2 hours to leave their vehicle.

What does the blue striping mean?

Parking rules in Spain … Zone delimited with the BLUE line: this line is designed for visitors and is payable, so after parking your vehicle, you must pay at the nearest parking meter.

What does the traffic sign with the letter p mean?

I have always been struck by the way of parking in Germany, and I am not only referring to the peculiar indications that are given, as we could see in this entry: The art of parking.

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If the street is not very old these parking lots are usually also delimited with a white line that indicates up to where the car can enter the sidewalk, but in the vast majority of cases these lines no longer exist and there are only the faded remains that more than being seen if they sense.

If we live in an area with parking restrictions it would be advisable to ask for one of these cards at the town hall. It will save us a million laps looking for a place where we can park.

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