What is an Abtn?

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The standard was drafted by telecommunications and television experts from many countries and their work was coordinated by the SBTVD Forum and covers in detail all transmission aspects that apply to the SBTVD standard.

The specification group has proposed three different broadcast masks to cope with the Brazilian planning scenario. All high power stations shall operate with the critical mask except in the absence of adjacent installed or planned channels. All other stations shall operate with a sub-critical mask except under the following conditions:


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What is abnt

Ricardo Fragoso, general manager, and Nelson Al Assal Filho, director of standardization, signed the two agreements on behalf of ABNT. Kathie Morgan, president, and Teresa Cendrowska, vice president of global cooperation signed for ASTM International.

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“ABNT is very pleased and grateful, and I personally am as well, to celebrate this updated memorandum and business agreement with ASTM International, as both agreements are fully aligned and will help further ABNT’s mission, vision and organizational values,” commented Fragoso.


A) In the format, should the first line of each paragraph be indented or not? If so, by how many centimeters? What should be the separation between paragraphs, a single line? Should page numbering be at the top or bottom, centralized or to the right?

Spacing is one thing, the information is for the whole text. Paragraph separation is another thing, and we accept either separation by a blank line (a space) or by an indentation on the first line of each paragraph.

H) I made an organizational chart in Microsoft Powerpoint with a specific tool for this purpose also available in Word. To place the figure in the article, I copied the entire sheet into Powerpoint. Already in Word, I went to Paste Special, chose the option Paste Link, as a Microsoft Powerpoint sheet from the Microsoft Excel template.

A) I know that footnotes are not allowed, however, the first page of the article to be submitted has a footnote about the authors, i.e., at the top of the page the authors are listed and at the bottom (footnote) there is a description about them. For example: