Who was first Twitch follower?

Twitch list leaked

The Catalan, who is now involved in the Minecraft series called TortillaLand, thus becomes the third streamer with the most followers worldwide. He is only surpassed by Nija, with 16.9 million, and Tfue, with just over ten million. Both create content in English and rose to fame for their great skill playing Fortnite.

Likewise, the Badalona native has also produced formats such as Una tarde con colegas, a talk show with relevant figures from the media scene, and was involved in the presentation of the rebranding of Giants, among others.

Twitch, gateway to younger audiencesIncreasingly, more and more young and not-so-young people are jumping into the world of streaming. Until now, the live video platform par excellence was YouTube, but the one that has crowned itself as the absolute queen of the streaming world is Twitch.

On Twitch we can find streamers with millions of followers. We are talking about Ibai Llanos, Nickmercs or Rubius. Auronplay The most striking thing is that since he began his journey in this world back in 2019, unlike other streamers who have sought to reinvent themselves with another time, he has remained faithful to his initial style, that is, what he generates mostly are broadcasts about video games, in which humor and good vibes are the main lines of his direct.

How do I know how many hours I have on Twitch?

To go to Channel Analysis, click on Data and then on Channel Analysis via the icon in your control panel. By default, the Channel Analysis page displays data for the last 30 days.

How many Subs does Ibai have on Twitch?

In addition, the content creator showed that he has 43,561 subscribers on Twitch and 84,584 viewers on average on each of his live streams.

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How to view your Twitch Summary?

To know the summary of your year on Twitch, you must first log in to the email account linked to this platform. Then, you should look in your inbox for an email that says: “Twitch 2021 summary”. When you open it, you will see all the statistics on the platform.

How to see someone’s followers on twitch

Twitch, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to check the platform users who are subscribed to you. In this way, you can research and understand to some extent the interests of your subscribers. Thanks to this, you can choose content for the stream that will excite the majority of your followers.

In the beginning, users could only stream from their desktops or laptops. But with the passage of time and the evolution of the platform, it became possible not only to watch the streams from your smartphone or tablet, but also to stream directly from them.

If you want to check the list of your Twitch followers from Windows or Mac, you can do it through the official Twitch website or the app, which you can install on your desktop. Unfortunately, there is no Twitch app for Chromebook. However, whether you use a desktop app or a web app, it’s pretty much the same thing:

First of all, you have to realize that your popularity is directly dependent on you. You have to hook the audience with something interesting. So that those who see you for the first time, want to come back to your stream.

How to watch Recap Twitch 2020?

Tap the left and right arrows at the top of the current Broadcast Summary to view other broadcasts. We only keep the last 30 summaries, but you can visit the Channel Analysis page to view information from previous broadcasts.

How much is 1 sub on Twitch?

Twitch subscriptions in Spain will now cost 3.99€.

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In Spain, subscriptions will now cost €3.99 from the previous €4.99, and the change will take effect soon on the purple platform. The change has generated a lot of debate in the Spanish community, and there is a wide range of opinions.

How many Subs does rubius have on Twitch?

And as few can beat the Malagueño in terms of generosity -we could see it when he left more than 8,000 euros giving away subscriptions-, he left us a curious present before fleeing Andorra: “we are almost at 18,000 subs, if we reach 20,000 I will stream in hot tub”.

Twitch followers

The way of creating content in the gaming sector is changing and Twitch is responsible for it. This streaming content platform is attracting all the attention of both celebrities within the gaming industry and its followers, and due to certain problems and controversies between content creators and YouTube, a good part of them switched to Twitch. Given its importance, today we want to tell you which are the streamers with more followers on Twitch.

Youtubers are now called streamers, this change of platform provides all kinds of advantages and freedoms especially to Twitch channels with more followers. Payouts are now more equitable on Amazon’s platform whereas on YouTube you can never guess with certainty how much you will earn from each video.

How much is charged per subscriber on Twitch?

In level 1 the streamer gets 50% of what you pay him, and in level 2 he gets 60%. On the other hand, when a user subscribes to level 3, the streamer gets 80% of those almost 25 euros.

How to view my year’s summary on Twitch?

To view your Twitch Recap 2021 you must check the email address associated with your Twitch account. There you will automatically receive an email with your Twitch Recap 2021. To do this, check your inbox for an email that says “Twitch Recap 2021”.

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How to view my Year in Review on Twitch?

Go to your Twitch settings. To get all this information you just have to open the email that arrives from your Twitch account, where the app sends this summary of the year.

How to see the followers on twitch 2020

Back then ElRubius had around 30 followers, without imagining that now on Twitch he already has 300 thousand friends, a figure that pales against the 30 million followers he has on YouTube.

Twitch, the video game streaming platform that Amazon acquired in 2014, has videos uploaded by gamers from all over the world who share their tricks, best games and tips in the world of video games.

This has represented an advantage for Twitch, which offers earnings based on paid subscribers (Twitch Prime) in addition to advertisements and “Bits” or coins that viewers can send to streamers during a live broadcast.