Can I view my prescription history?

Comunidad de madrid my medical history

The Personal Health Folder offers four large blocks of information, referring to the clinical history of each patient, pending appointments (with the possibility of directly cancelling Primary Care appointments), available online services and a fourth section of ‘Self-medications’, enabled only in cases in which the healthcare personnel consider it necessary to carry out telematic follow-up of a specific patient. It provides, among other data, information on primary care tests, medical reports or the status of the vaccination booklet. It also offers interesting links with self-care advice and online resources of interest to its users.

In its new version, the Personal Health Folder has incorporated both the pharmacological history of patients and the treatments currently prescribed, indicating whether they are active and can be dispensed or are temporarily interrupted, either because they are pending medical review or approval or because they have been suspended due to not having been picked up at the pharmacy within the established period.

How can I view my medical records online?

Can I obtain a copy of my medical history through miHistoria? No, it is not possible to obtain your medical records from the miHistoria digital service. You must go to your primary care health center and/or your referral hospital to request a copy in person.

Who can access a patient’s medical records?

Who has access to the medical record.

The user. The Health Team. The judicial and health authorities in the cases provided for by law. Other persons determined by law.

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How to obtain Social Security medical records?

Citizens can access the HCD-SNS system through the web portal of the health service where their Individual Health Card is active. In the case of citizens with SIP card, they can access through the web portal of the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública.

My health portfolio

The Conselleria’s web portal has a section dedicated to citizens, which provides information relevant to health. One of its sections is the “Electronic Health Record”. The reports section provides access to all medical reports: the summarized clinical history or summary of the clinical history of primary care centers, the emergency report, the hospitalization discharge report, the outpatient report, the nursing care report, the laboratory test results report and the imaging test results report.

Access to health information must be carried out with full guarantees of confidentiality and it is therefore an essential requirement to authenticate the identity of the person who wishes to access the medical record. This can be done in different ways.

To facilitate access without jeopardizing confidentiality, the Regional Ministry has implemented the use of [email protected] as an access mechanism. This electronic identification system is based on the use of a code chosen by the user and a PIN communicated to the phone via the [email protected] PIN app or an SMS message.

How long does a prescription last?

The prescriptions that the patient has in paper format still pending to be presented are valid for 90 days from the date of the prescription. The professional who writes paper prescriptions may prescribe medications for the next 3 months of the patient’s treatment in order to avoid the patient’s visit to the doctor’s office.

Who can request a copy of a medical record?

“Said document may only be known by third parties, with prior authorization of the patient or in the cases provided for by law” The custody of the medical record shall be in charge of the health care provider who generated it in the course of care, complying with the filing procedures.

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When does a 2021 medical order expire?

Throughout the country, prescriptions for medicines are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Patient portal madrid

Citizens can consult the clinical reports generated in the Primary Care centers and hospitals dependent on the Canary Health Service, as well as the reports available in those Autonomous Communities registered in the project (HcdSNS).

This service will allow you, once identified, to consult the clinical information that has been registered in the Primary Care centers and hospitals dependent on the Canary Health Service.

The service can be accessed both through the official website of the Canary Health Service and through mobile devices. Through this application, you will always have your clinical information available.

To access the miHistoria digital service, you must be registered in the Digital Identity of the Canary Health Service. Once you are registered in the Digital Identity you will be able to access miHistoria:

Any person residing in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands entitled to health care by the Canary Health Service, in possession of the new model of individual Health Card and registered in the Digital Identity of the SCS has the right to access.

How do I know my medical history in EsSalud?

To access the reference search, you must enter EsSalud’s institutional portal ( and go to the right side of the screen, where you will find the tab “Check the status of your reference”, where you must enter your ID card or reference number as a prerequisite.

How long does a physician’s order for an OSDE exam last?

You must present your credential, Identity Card and the doctor’s order. The prescription is valid for 60 days. If the order expires, only the treating physician will be able to extend it.

How long does a physician’s order for an examination last?

How long are the orders valid? In general, both the order and the authorization are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Only in some cases they are valid for 60 days.

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Madrid Health

It is only necessary to identify the patient with his or her health card to pick up the medication at any pharmacy in Spain.  You can also activate your virtual health card in the mobile application and use it to pick up your medication.

It is implemented in Primary Care Health Centers, Home Care Support Teams (ESAD), Rural Care Services (SAR), Hospitals and SUMMA 112 emergency services.

All medicines and medical devices that require a prescription, including those that are not financed, magistral formulas and products that require a visa, can be prescribed by electronic prescription.

In each dispensation you can be given the medication necessary for at least 28 days. Go to the pharmacy a few days before you run out of medication and a new bottle will be available until the end of the treatment period prescribed by your doctor.

At each dispensing you will be given at least 28 days’ worth of medication. Go to the pharmacy a few days before you run out of medication and a new bottle will be available until the end of the treatment period your doctor has prescribed.