Did Eamonn Walker really sing in Cadillac Records?

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In 1948 he formed a band that included guitarists Willie Johnson and M. T. Murphy, harmonica player Junior Parker, a pianist named Destruction and drummer Willie Steele, and in 1951 began performing on radio in West Memphis, Arkansas.

His 1962 album Rockin’ Chair Album is one of the most famous blues albums, known for its rocking chair cover artwork. This album contained “Wang Dang Doodle,” “Goin’ Down Slow,” “Spoonful” and “The Red Rooster,” songs that served as the basis for the repertoires of English and American bands enamored of Chicago blues. In 1965 he appeared on the television show Shindig with the Rolling Stones.

Howlin’ Wolf’s inimitable abrasive style has made any imitation impossible. Endowed with a rudimentary musical technique (both on harmonica and slide guitar), his peculiar sense of tempo and his howls (as in the famous “Smokestack Lightning”) always gave his interpretations an unequalled vigor.

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Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi?, lit. “The Spiritual Disappearance of Sen and Chihiro”) is a Japanese animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli.

SYNOPSIS: Based on an ancient legend of a Canadian indigenous people, it tells the story of a curse caused by a diabolical shaman. The evil spirits caused a conflict between two families that jumped generation after generation. Spoken in the Inuktitut language, the indigenous language of some Indian tribes in northern Canada, it received excellent reviews from all North American media, without exception. (FILMAFFINITY)

Using cinema to tell stories that stir consciences is undoubtedly the best use that can be made of it. Last weekend saw the release of Return to Hansala, a film that tackles the issue of immigration head-on. It does so with freshness, with vitality and in a way that is even therapeutic.

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These words from the director and her feature film have stirred in me the desire to put into words the feelings that have arisen, so at this point I recover my own voice to continue as I walk away from the film.

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We used to sit in the field and watch the trains go by, see the sparks coming out of their chimneys. That was the lightning from the chimneys. What Howlin’ Wolf didn’t confess was that the night, the cold, the nature, the train and the light assaulted his huge body with the memory of a woman. And that hurt to the howl.

Here are all the elements of Smokestack Lightning, which would be recorded for Chess in 1956 with Hubert Sumlin on lead guitar, backed by Willie Johnson, Willie Dixon on bass, pianist Hosea Lee Kennard and drummer Earl Phillips. On harmonica and howls, Howlin’ Wolf:

Or don’t get the picture, check out the cool recreation – Muddy Waters vacillation included – of the Smokestack Lightning recording in the film Cadillac Records (Daniel Martin, 2008), with Eamonn Walker as Howlin’ Wolf, Albert Jones as Hubert Sumlin, Cedric the Enterteiner as Willie Dixon and Jeffrey Wright and Adrien Brody as Muddy Waters and Leonard Chess.

Across the pond, from their debut live album, Five Live Yardbirds (Columbia, 1964), the Yardbirds cubs were also whining (Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, what a pack came out of there…):

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This time, not only will we be able to appreciate the works produced by indigenous collectives, but we will also be able to share spaces for discussion with the creators – three men and three women – Aymara, Nahua, Chiquitano, Kankuamo, Mapuche and Kichwa. Among the material presented are documentaries, visual experiments, fiction films and animated shorts, all of them made, directed and/or starring native peoples directly.

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With this activity, which is part of the multi-year program of social awareness Words that Walk, the Association for Cooperation with the South Las Segovias (ACSUD Las Segovias) aims to bring the indigenous world and its main problems to the Valencian society. To do so, it gives the floor to the real protagonists, thus avoiding a superficial or merely folkloric approach to a complex and diverse reality.

Memory. Although the historical preamble may seem excessive to talk about a film, it is not in the case of a film like this one, as Waltz with Bashir is an Israeli production that is presented as an exercise of memory about some shameful events in the history of the Tsahal (or military forces of Israel). Since its participation in the competitive section of the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, Ari Folman’s film has aroused great expectation due to the potential for self-analysis and denunciation that it promised to provide about that war, especially coming from a country as little given to it as Israel.