Do I need import license to buy from Alibaba?

Buying on alibaba per unit

In the first installment of this series, we focused on understanding the overall process and documentary requirements of an import with Alibaba. Therefore, as a normal import, we have assumed that you can buy on Alibaba as a private individual. Below you will be able to discover the possible problems and tips specific to the Alibaba case for individuals.

Providing the answer to the main question, it now remains to determine how to perform this operation. It is relatively simple, provided that you know the basic details and rely on professional freight forwarders. Then you will know how to buy on Alibaba as a private individual.

We have categorized these problems for analysis below. Now that you know that there is an option to buy on Alibaba as a private individual, you will be interested to know them and be successful in using them.

Special packaging, certifications, weight, shape, lot… if you do not know and indicate everything that refers to the description of your product, you will have difficulties for what you buy on the Alibaba site to enter the country where you want to receive it.

How much is the minimum to buy on Alibaba?

That is, it works similar to Amazon. An individual can view a product and buy it. There is no minimum number of units per order, nor is it necessary for you to be an ecommerce or a company.

How to avoid being scammed on Alibaba?

Send high quality samples but NOT mass order samples. Many suppliers take it as a strategy to attract customers by sending premium quality samples. When their prices are not as competitive, they will use premium quality to convince their buyers to finalize the order.

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How much tax is paid for shopping on Alibaba?

All purchases with a value paid by us of less than 30 USD will not have to pay taxes when entering the country. All other purchases that exceed this amount will have to pay the 6% customs tax plus the payment of VAT which corresponds to 19%.

How to buy on alibaba 2020

5.2 Member shall be required to provide information or material about its entity, business or products and services as part of the registration process on the Sites for access to and use of any Service or Member Account.    Member acknowledges, warrants and agrees that (a) such information and material, whether submitted during the registration process or thereafter during use of the Sites or the Service, is true, accurate, current and complete, and (b) Member will maintain and promptly correct all such information and materials to keep them true, accurate, current and complete.

5.8 If the Member provides a business contact person, the Member acknowledges, warrants and agrees that it has obtained all necessary authorizations, approvals and waivers from such reference contact person to (a) act as your business contact person; (b) submit and publish your contact details and information, reference letters and comments on your behalf; and (c) that third parties may contact such business contact person to support claims or statements made about you. You further warrant and agree that all reference letters and comments are true and accurate, and that third parties may communicate with the business contact persons without obtaining your consent.

How safe is shopping at Alibaba from Mexico?

Here’s the truth: Buying from Alibaba is relatively safe if you know where to shop. There are good and honest suppliers on Alibaba, but there are also some undesirable ones lurking on the platform. That’s a common sight on any marketplace.

How long does it take for Alibaba orders to arrive?

Alibaba shipping takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to arrive at the intended location. Alibaba is a good platform for your business and you can order anything anywhere while staying at home.

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What is the Chinese company Alibaba?

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (Alibaba) is a Chinese e-commerce company. Founded in 1999, its core business is the online trading platform, which brings together importers and exporters from more than 240 countries.

Alibaba free shipping

On the other hand, the Definitive Import “is the customs regime by which the imported merchandise can have free circulation within the customs territory, subject to the payment of import taxes, when applicable, and to the fulfillment of all customs formalities” (Art. 79 CAROU).

Bill of Lading: It is a document containing the generic declaration of each shipment of goods formulated by the shipper and signed by the Captain or authorized person at the port of departure. This document certifies the receipt of the goods on board; it implements the contract of carriage; it represents the right to dispose of the goods and, upon presentation, enables the delivery of the goods to their legitimate holder.

Commercial Invoice: “The invoice containing the specific declaration of each shipment of goods, individualized by price and proper trade name, issued by the exporter” (Art. 2 CAROU).

How to import from China safely?

When importing goods from China, it is best to import under the FOB Incoterm, since customs clearance is included in this case and it is a more reliable and safer choice than in the previous case.

What is T T on Alibaba?

The acronym T/T stands for “Telegraphic Transfer”, it is an international bank transfer usually made through the SWIFT system. In this article, we are talking about telegraphic transfer payments made by foreign companies to companies located in mainland China.

What does Verified mean on Alibaba?

Verified: means that your supplier has been inspected and verified by ALIBABA, that is, it is a safe and reliable supplier. Trade warranty: the supplier has a warranty, which protects your product from payment to delivery.

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Importing through alibaba

In today’s post we’re going to look at how to effectively and safely source your business through a supplier like Alibaba. We’ll introduce you to the pros and cons of going overseas and show you how to navigate this new terrain, so you can generate engagement between the perfect supplier for your product idea and you can start selling online.

When you start searching for suppliers on Alibaba, there are a few things you want to look into and pay attention to on your product page. Let’s take a look at an example of dog collars that you can find on Alibaba.

One of the first things you’re going to want to look at is the price. For this listing, we can see a price of $2-$3 USD FOB. FOB stands for Free On Board which means that the seller is going to pay the costs associated with getting the product to the seaport (the cheapest way to ship products from Asia) and buyers pay the cost of transportation from the port to their final destination.