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Swordfish are distributed around the world in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters between approximately 45º north and 45º south. They tend to concentrate where major ocean currents are found. They inhabit surface waters where the temperature exceeds 15 °C, but they can also swim and hunt in waters of around 5 °C for short periods due to special organs that warm their eyes and brain.

Swordfish are homeotherms, which allows them to maintain a temperature 10 to 15 °C higher than that of the water in which they move. The warming of the eyes improves vision, and subsequently increases the chances of catching prey. Of the more than 25,000 bony fish species, only about 22 are known to have the ability to maintain their body temperature above water temperature, including marlins, tunas and some species of sharks (families Lamnidae and Alopidae).

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July 2010. One of the objectives of the Program for the Diversification of Chilean Aquaculture (PDACH) is to support the development of integrated programs for deep sea cod and southern hake. We reproduce an article that assesses the state of this species, of high commercial interest, due to the high price it fetches in the markets. Source: Mundo Acuícola

The resource is the object of an important national fishery south of parallel 47° S.L., extraction that began in September 1991, within the framework of the development of research fishing, aimed at estimating the abundance of the resource, which lasted until June 1992. Starting in 1993, annual catch quotas began to be tendered.

Cultivating deep sea cod in Chile is a challenge, both nationally and internationally. Currently, the first project dedicated to developing culture techniques for D. eleginoides is being carried out in our country, which is all the more interesting considering that this is the first initiative in the world. The project “Development of cultivation techniques for deep sea cod from wild fish caught in the wild” is being developed by the Araucana Education Corporation, whose operational center is located in the Chinquihue sector, in the Los Lagos Region, where we went to see the fish in captivity, the progress of the project and the development of the cultivation technology in the field.

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Oscar fish are native to South America. They are found in the Amazon River region, especially in the Brazilian region. Oscar fish thrive in the flooded river plains outside of the Amazon. They can also be found in lakes and ponds throughout this region.

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Today, in the United States, Oscars are caught in lakes, streams, canals and ponds in Florida and some other southeastern states. This is because tropical fish keepers release their aquatic pets into the wild when they outgrow their aquarium tank. In Florida, the introduction of this non-native species into the wild is punishable by law.

Oscar fish grow up to 16 inches in the wild but will most likely only reach 10 to 14 inches in the home aquarium tank. Not only is the Oscar fish a very long fish, it is also a very chunky specimen. This fish will grow to be quite large! Many grow to over 2 pounds in weight.

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The Oscar fish (Astronotus ocellatus) comes from South America. They are fish that thrive in the river flats outside the Amazon. Today, these fish are caught in the lakes, streams, canals and ponds of Florida, the United States and other states. This fish is an invasive fish in these territories and the law penalizes all those who introduce them into the ecosystems.

Oscar fish are considered aggressive fish, that is, they are quite territorial, since they defend their place, but without intimidating other fish. This will allow that, although they are territorial, you can have other fish in the aquarium with them.

One of the activities these fish do most is digging. When decorating the aquarium, you should keep in mind that they will require gravel or sand as substrate for the fish to dig. If you want to buy live or plastic plants for decoration, forget it. Oscars love to break and chew on live and plastic plants, so they will not last long.

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