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Conceptual EnlightenmentSri AkashThe author:Akash is a Sanskrit term meaning void or void. It is the 5th element, the subtlest substance from which the other substances, earth, water, fire and air, arise. The Akash is the space for everything to occur and manifest. For this reason I use this pseudonym, it represents that the teaching is basically emptiness to experience and understand. And since everything arises from this intelligent void, there is ultimately no author other than the void itself.Contact: Mail: [email protected] Blog:

Conceptual EnlightenmentSri AkashRealization is nothing new that has to be obtained. It is already here. All that is needed is to get rid of this thought: I have not realized. Sri Ramana Maharshi Who manifests through all the great incarnations?who manifests through a donkey or a pig?everything is consciousness only. Sri Nisargadatta MaharajThe observer is the observed Jidu Krishnamurti Be without experience. That is experience. Why worry if everything is nothing? How can nothing touch you? Forget everything, and you are there! How long does it take? Sri Ranjit MaharajThat which pervades everything, which nothing transcends and which, like the universal space that surrounds us, fills everything completely, inside and out, that Supreme and nondual Brahmn, that is you. Sankaracharya Attention is the path to immortality inattention is the path to death Siddhartha Gautama

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Akash is a Colombian rock band formed in Armenia in 1992 by Jairo Alberto Moreno and currently formed by Roberto Munard (vocals), Jairo Alberto Moreno (bass), Fernando Martinez (drums), Diego Ivan Serna (lead guitar) and Miller Garibello (guitar).

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In 1997 they released their first demo “Fuera de Control”, with which they became known through a series of concerts, even winning the Café-Rock Festival. But it is thanks to the single “Esperanza, fe y amor”, a tribute to the victims of the 1999 earthquake in the Eje Cafetero, that they achieve national recognition, this gives them the courage to think about releasing a CD.

In 1997, the band releases their promotional demo “Fuera de Control”, with a new vocalist Juan Carlos Marin “el Cura” (ex – Detonator) and a new drummer, Edgar Escobar. Thus their first album receives the necessary strength for Akash to become in a very short time a very well known band in the Quindian Rock scene.

During 2003 and shortly after the release of their second album, Carlos Hoyos, the lead guitarist leaves the band before starting the promotional tour and Akash begins to suffer many changes, such as eliminating the presence of keyboards in charge of Rubén Darío Arias. The band is forced to find a new lead guitarist and the one chosen to fill the position is Diego Iván Serna (ex – Detonator), some time later Hugo Rodolfo Mejía, original member of the band leaves Akash and Julián López arrives. A few months later, drummer Juan Carlos Ángel (ex – Darath) also leaves the band and Néstor Iván Cardona joins the band.

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Today I bring you one of them: while sorting through papers and writings I came across a letter that a young woman gave me when I visited the house called “Americana” in Brazil, in the province of Sao Paulo. During that visit I experienced one of the richest and most profound encounters and dialogues with young people; for two hours we talked about the human and the divine. When I came across this letter again, I said to myself that, with Elian’s permission, I had to share the simple message conveyed by the heart of a young woman who found in a Salesian house a place and people who changed her life.

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I thought: Don Bosco would also be happy to share what many young people are saying today. They have found in their homes friends and courtyard with whom to share, a school that prepares them for life, a space that makes them know God in freedom, and a house that welcomes everyone unconditionally, as has happened to Elian.

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After a 2020 that has left major concerts, events and festivals canceled by the pandemic, the cultural and musical revival is already beginning to glimpse on the national scene, and with it the concerts in Colombia 2021 are already beginning to give us something to talk about.

The most renowned merengue and salsa artists are coming together to give us the most danceable party of the year. A unique closing of the year with the first danceable festival of salsa and merengue that promises to get us dancing just to start the end of the year season. Sonora merengue December 2: The most renowned artists of the merengue genre join forces to offer a party like no other with Wilfrido Vargas, Sergio Vargas, Hermanos Rosario, Eddy Herrera and Rikarena. And Sonora Salsa December 3: Salsa is par excellence the most famous danceable genre in the world and we will have this luxury line-up with Andy Montañez, Charlie Aponte, Papo Sanchez, Willy Gonzalez, Javier Vasquez and Willy Garcia. Tickets HERE.

The Palacio de los Deportes will once again open its doors, this time for the live consecration of a local band, from the very heart of Bogota.  LosPetitFellas together with their fervent followers will be in charge of an apotheosis night for history. Because the end of the world passed before our eyes and made us wait. But it’s time for a fundamental reunion to reactivate the forgotten feelings of the fans who have grown up with “11:50 PM”, “Antes de morir”, “Rock n’Love”, “Los Verbos” and more. Tickets HERE.

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