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There is no doubt that Kiss was an influential band but nowadays it is the living stereotype of what the music industry can do to a group, it is nothing more than a show where creativity has been marginalized; Kiss tries to revive its past, to do the same concerts it did in 77, it no longer seeks to surpass itself, because it has remained stuck in a grandiose past that it tries to reproduce without success. Kiss is more the story of a failure, a premeditated sinking, a musical suicide. The set of the tour is very good but it is very similar to that of previous tours, in fact it is very similar to the repertoire of all the tours after the reunion, with one or two variations. The big surprise was the addition of Crazy, Crazy Nights, and the direct aggravation to Frehley and Criss with the return of songs like Shock me and Beth, songs that were never played without Frehley and Criss. To me this whole story leaves a bitter taste because Kiss showed in the early 90’s that it was still a creative band, that could rise from the ashes but again crashed into conformism and mediocrity. Kiss was left in the past and it is better to remember it for what it was and not for what it is, a company built with only one goal: profit.

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SEGA has shown today through IGN a new trailer for Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, the new title of the blue hedgehog for Nintendo 3DS.The new video allows us to see some of the scenarios that will be present in the game as well as some final bosses and how the battle with them will be. It also lets us take a look at the exploration system or destruction of Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, all between CGI scenes and others taken directly from the game.Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, which has already confirmed its presence in this E3 2016, is scheduled for release next September.

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Pero en 2018, estas perspectivas habían cambiado drásticamente. La elección de Donald Trump a la presidencia de Estados Unidos alteró el panorama de la política estadounidense hacia Cuba. Estos cambios culminaron en una iniciativa muy publicitada para hacer retroceder los pasos hacia la normalización y la reintegración que había declarado apenas unos meses antes el ex presidente Obama (Trump, 2017). Al mismo tiempo, la propia Unión Europea se vio sacudida (Booth y McAuley, 2018) por la decisión del Reino Unido de buscar la retirada de la Unión Europea tras el llamado referéndum del Brexit (Goodwin y Heath, 2016; Hobolt, 2016).    Simultáneamente, China y sus socios anunciaron la iniciativa “Un cinturón, una ruta” junto con la creación de un banco multilateral de desarrollo, el Banco Asiático de Infraestructuras e Inversiones, que se esperaba que funcionara con un modelo distinto al del Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI) y el Banco Mundial, y que en última instancia desplazara al FMI (Chow, 2016).

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Me encantó participar en la mesa redonda sobre los derechos humanos y el negocio de los medios sociales, patrocinada por el Foro de Derecho y Política de los Derechos Humanos (HRLF) de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de la Ciudad de Hong Kong. Mi agradecimiento a Surya Deva por organizar lo que resultó ser una reunión fascinante con un compromiso bastante poderoso y que provocó la reflexión.

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If everything goes as planned by its manufacturer, mankind will have a commercial aircraft capable of going from Madrid to Los Angeles in three hours instead of the usual 12 hours and 20 minutes. Less than going from Madrid to San Sebastian, but without stopping at the Landa for eggs and black pudding.

The X-15 is the fastest airplane in history. (NASA)It’s safe to say that both the SR-71 and Concorde were ahead of schedule, but that doesn’t mean Aerion is going to have it easy. The technology needed to build supersonic machines remains extremely complex today, something demonstrated by the fact that they promised their first private supersonic aircraft in flight by 2014 and it has yet to arrive even though they have billions committed in orders.The fastest aircraft will be a long time comingThe development of the Aerion AS2 has suffered numerous delays due not only to materials but to the requirement that these aircraft eliminate or at least mitigate supersonic pop. This noise – capable of shattering glass if it passes close to urban centers – limited the operability of Concorde, which had to break the speed of sound over the sea.

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