What is the best-selling Christmas record of all time?

My collection: Mariah Carey “Merry Christmas” | 1994

As we’ve mentioned before, if you’ve been paying attention you’ll remember that the Irish singer’s 1941 version of the ballad White Christmas composed by Irving Berlin has sold 50 million copies, inspiring versions even by New Kids on the Block. Eight decades later, this album still sounds like nougat and marzipan thanks to anthems such as Faith of Our Fathers or the Hawaiian-tinged Mele Kalikimaka.Listen to white christmas by bing crosby

In this magnificent jazz album we find the great Ella Fitzgerald filling with swing songs that you have heard a thousand times like Jingle bells or Let it snow. The infectious enthusiasm she puts into these songs and a repertoire with all the necessary cuts for a perfect Christmas, make this album a must listen. Buy Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas.

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What is the best-selling Christmas song of all time?

Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”.

The Guinness Book of World Records named this song as not only the best-selling Christmas song, but also the best-selling single overall, with approximately 50 million copies sold.

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What is the best-selling music in the world?

U.S. singer Michael Jackson’s sixth studio album, Thriller, remains the best-selling album in music history, with sales estimated at 65 to 66 million copies since its release in November 1982.

What is the fastest selling album of all time in the U.S. Germany and the U.K.?

According to the specialized magazine The Rolling Stones, the album ‘Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975’, by the American band The Eagles, has surpassed ‘Thriller’ as the best-selling album in the history of the United States after surpassing the barrier of 38 million copies sold.

Manuel Medrano – Christmas Without You

Before the overwhelming success of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you”, Darlene Love was in charge of opening Christmas on David Letterman’s Late Show with her “Christmas (Baby please come home)”.

Winner of an important music contest in the United States, Kelly Clarkson surprised us with an album of 16 songs, with covers and original songs, such as “Underneath the three”. Not to be missed is the version of one of Elvis’ Christmas carols.

This song, which has been consolidated as a Pop Christmas hymn, is based on a video clip where George Michael nostalgically remembers those Christmas vacations when everything was good intentions and happiness with his love.

What music identifies Christmas worldwide?


White Christmas, sung by Bing Crosby, is the best-selling Christmas song in the world, so we can’t skip it, it had to be on our list.

What are the songs sung at Christmas called?

Christmas carols were originally profane songs with refrain, of popular origin and in several voices. Later they began to be sung in churches and to be associated specifically with Christmas.

What is the best-selling album in history 2021?

1. Queen – Greatest Hits. The best-selling greatest hits album not only of 2021 but of all history is this album by Freddie Mercury and company, which has broken records for chart permanence and apparently the public continues to give their love to this collection of emblematic hymns of the UK group.

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The Top Selling Music Artists annex includes artists whose worldwide sales exceed 75 million copies. These figures are based on estimates reported by various media and certifications from different countries, which include recordings in various formats whether digital downloads, albums, singles, videos or other.

Note: References reporting estimated sales for each artist should use the term records (recordings in various formats) and not albums. However, if any reference uses the term albums and the certified sales of the artist’s albums are equivalent to the percentage required for inclusion, that reference will be taken into account.

With the advent of the 1990s, the music industry was affected by piracy on the Internet, causing several countries to establish new standards in their certification systems.[427] The value of certifications in the music industry has been reduced in the past few years.

The value of certifications in the United States for singles released before 1989 was: gold record (1 000 000) and platinum (2 000 000).[454] Likewise, until September 1996, the value of short-length albums was: gold (250 000) and platinum (500 000).[455] The value of the certifications in the United States for singles released before 1989 was: gold (1 000 000) and platinum (2 000 000).[455] The value of short-length albums was: gold (250 000) and platinum (500 000).

What is the best-selling album of 2021?

Bad Bunny’s “El último tour del mundo” was the most popular album in the Latin music category. In addition to being the first Spanish-language album to dominate the weekly Billboard 200 chart, it had the equivalent of 853,900 album units sold in 2021.

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What is the best-selling Spanish-language album in history?

The best-selling all-Spanish album worldwide is Hey! by Spanish singer Julio Iglesias from 1980 with more than 20 million copies.

What is the best-selling Spanish-language song?

“Clandestino”, the most recent collaboration between Shakira and Maluma dethroned “Despacito” as the best-selling Spanish-language song in the United States, according to the Billboard organization, which tracks the popularity of music in the country.

Another Christmas in the Trenches, the best-selling album of the year.

– The special is executive produced by Carey, along with Tim Case, Charleen Manca and Matthew Turke of Supply & Demand, and directed by Joseph Kahn, the world-renowned director of films and music videos (“Bodied Detention,” “Torque”).

– After occasional chambas, Carey eventually began singing backing vocals for Brenda K. Starr in the late 1980s. Until Starr gave Carey’s demo to then Sony Music Entertainment president and CEO Tommy Mottola and the rest is history,