What is the going rate for vinyl records?

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One or several photos per item are essential to enhance your catalog.in your store, buyers will not be able to touch, feel or read the information on the back of the cases as they would in a traditional store or in markets.that’s why photos are a good way to convince your potential buyers.take care of your photos, take precise photos that show the details of the item (case front and back, center of the disc…). Buyers will be able to get an idea of your items.

How to know the price of vinyl records?

The free Discogs app allows you to keep track of your collection, add music to your wish list, and easily scan an item to find the vinyl value and other information in the database. The app is currently available on Android and iOS.

How to know the date of a vinyl record?

The first editions are usually called “originals” and the following “re-editions”. To know if the disc in our hands is a first edition, it is necessary to look at the year on the label. Or better yet, look for the edition number on the label.

How to tell if a vinyl record is scratched?

To know if a disc is scratched without listening to it, the trick is to run your finger over its surface. If the scratches you see are palpable, the record will jump. A disc can have many superficial scratches but listen well, although the normal thing in these cases is that it is listened with “fried”.

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The sound of a record is reproduced by a turntable (usually connected to an amplifier), which allows to use records of different diameters and to choose the rotation speed by means of a selector.

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As of 2012, the most expensive 45 RPM single vinyl in the world is a record with the track Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) recorded by Frank Wilson in 1965 (of which only two copies were pressed), which was purchased for £20,000. The most expensive LP is Yesterday and Today by The Beatles in the “Butcher Cover”, which can fetch up to $45,000, although on average it has a maximum value of about 20,000.[9] The most expensive vinyl record has also been produced by The Beatles on vinyl.

Vinyl records have also been produced with different diameters, such as 16-inch records used in the radio sector; and with different rotational speeds, such as 16.6 rpm for longer life, though at the cost of fidelity. 16 rpm records were produced mainly in the 1950s and 1960s, primarily in the United States to record audiobooks. The dimensions of a 16 rpm LP, recognizable by the acronym LLP, are the same as a 33 rpm LP (12 or 10 inches) and the playing time is approximately 60 minutes per side.

What is the most expensive record in the world?

1. Wu-Tang Clan batió records con ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ por 2 millones.

What are the old records called?

Acetate discs are usually 7″, 10″ and 12″ in diameter. They are the ones currently sold, although during their history there have been from 5″ to 21″ microphones used for old sound systems (the first ones) for sound films.

What is the best online vinyl store?

Although the most valued by music lovers is Discogs. This platform not only acts as an aggregator of thousands of stores around the world, but also acts as a catalog of all recorded music in history.

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Undoubtedly the first edition of a famous record can reach a very high value because it is a product that sold out very quickly. One of the most special cases is that of the Beatles, since in any country a first edition is very valuable. Although, as a general rule, the edition of the country where the record is released for the first time will always have more exclusivity.

Although there are guides that can help in the valuation of a vinyl, the price is usually set by the user.    Arguably, the popularity of the artist and the edition of the record are two of the most important aspects before making an investment in a vinyl record. A first edition or a rarity will make the price skyrocket.

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How do you say vinyl or vinyl?

The correct way to write this word, vinyl, is with ‘v’ otherwise it will have no meaning, we will be making a mistake when writing.

How long is a vinyl record cover?

For example, a jewel box CD cover measures 121 x 121cm while a 12″ vinyl cover measures 313 x 313 cm. So if the graphic part of your album is attractive, it will look much better. There are three vinyl formats. The 7-inch, the 10-inch and the 12-inch.

What does vg mean on vinyl records?

Very Good (VG): The markings present on a VG+ disc are accentuated on a VG disc. The covers begin to show wear and may show writing, tape repairs, etc. From VG status onwards, a circle around the cover (ringwear) becomes evident.

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Buying and selling vinyl records is much more complicated than buying and selling CDs or cassettes because the price of vinyl can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. You may have a record that is worth a fortune or one that costs just a few euros.

Here we explain some factors to take into account before selling your vinyls so you can get what they are really worth or more and at the end we share with you a platform with a very large database in the world of vinyls and it tells you how much your vinyls are worth.

When selling a vinyl we must ensure that everything works properly and that it is in perfect condition. This way you will get a good offer for your vinyls and the customer will be satisfied.

Before putting on sale it is advisable to make the proper cleaning with liquids and specialized tools so that your vinyls are like new. The customer will thank you enormously, since in many occasions old records are sold in terrible conditions and that makes many people hesitate to return to make an online purchase.