What is the rarest record?

The best of the quartet from our album

This can be accomplished by positioning yourself so that there is a Creeper between you and a skeleton, and letting the skeleton shoot. This method is easier if you first weaken the Creeper so that the skeleton has to hit it only once. Shooting it four arrows, hitting it with an iron sword twice or four times with a wooden sword will weaken it enough for a single arrow to kill it.

This is the second most recent record added to Minecraft, although it has existed, in the game data for quite some time now (under the name: where are we now). It is an upbeat and relaxed song, with a “blocky” feel to it. Until 1.4.3, this disc was not available in the game, Jeb said at Minecon 2011 that the reason for the failures in the discs to load, was due to a bug related to the spaces in the name.


The fans of the group were furious when they heard it, because Reed’s spokenword did not go according to the guitars. Although for much of the metal community Metallica became a sell-out from the time of the Black Album in 1991.

The Red Bull Batalla, originally known as Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos or BDLG, is an annual freestyle competition started in 2005 in which all Spanish-speaking countries participate.

It became known in 2009, when it won its first titles: the National 2 vyle and the Regional Perros Callejeros. He won his first Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Nacional in 2012 in Colombia, while in 2017 he was crowned for the first time in the International as the best exponent in the world.

Rare Vinyl Records

Famed record collector Joe Bussard received an offer of $70,000 for this incredibly rare 78 revival single by Long Cleve Reed and Little Harvey Hill. It is a classic blues cut with beautiful vocal harmonies, of which there is only one known copy. Collectors often seek out albums in the 78 rpm category because of their rarity and because they were the first records to showcase electric recording technology, where the sound was recorded through a microphone, amplified with vacuum tubes, and then cut to vinyl.

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Another Christmas in the trinch

Raro’ was born in 2006, without much awareness on the part of the band of what was going to be their destiny. It was undoubtedly a strange album, different from everything the band had been doing and they had no idea how it was going to be received.

The album was conceived by Cuarteto de Nos together with Juan Campodónico, the band’s producer and almost one more quartet, who was also the producer of the following albums, the trilogy that the Uruguayans put together with Bipolar y Porfiado and Habla tu espejo.

Some oddities already began when they decided that the first single would be “Yendo a la casa de Damián”, a song of 4:16 minutes long, in theory impassable in radios, where the 3 minutes are key. Even so, they decided to make it that one and you know the story of what happened.

This kind of things kept happening later, like when they got a call from Warner Chappell to offer them to be the publisher of the album in a very funny way or when Sergio Pizzolante, another godfather of the project (at that time director of Sony, Axn, Animax and E! ) called the Cuarteto’s manager and said: “Hi, you don’t know me but I’m so and so… and I just listened to 8 hours of Raro on the road and I want the whole world to know you, send me the clips and I’ll put them on rotation” that was the way in which songs like “Yendo a la casa de Damián” or “Ya no sé qué hacer conmigo” got rotation on channels.

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