What is the world record tiger fish?


Memorial plaque on the west tower of Freiburg Cathedral: “On November 27, 1944 an air raid destroyed large parts of the city. In the midst of death and destruction the cathedral remainedI want to give you a future and a hope (JER.29:11)Council and citizens in Freiburg remember the victims of war and violence all over the world. They call us to peace. 1994”

Operation Tigerfish (English: Operation Tigerfish) was the military code name used during World War II for the air raid carried out by the Royal Air Force on Freiburg im Breisgau on the night of November 27, 1944, in which about 2800 people were killed. The designation “Tigerfish” – from Hydrocynus vittatus, known in English as tiger fish – was the invention of Air Vice-Marshal Robert Saundby, who, as a keen angling enthusiast, assigned codes corresponding with different species of fish to all German cities over which carpet bombing was planned.[2] Saundby was deputy to Air Chief Marshal Arthur Harris, the commander of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command.

What is the largest marlin caught?

The strikingly beautiful blue marlin is the largest of all Atlantic billfishes, and one of the largest fish in the world. Females, noticeably larger than males, can reach almost 4.5 meters in length and weigh more than 900 kilograms.

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What is the biggest fish ever caught?

1 – Black marlin, weight: 707.60 kg, fishing place: Cabo Blanco, Peru.

What is the largest swordfish in the world?

Ribadesella, Alba SÁNCHEZ R. A record fish: 440 kilograms, 4.68 meters long and 1.30 meters in beak, the largest swordfish known in the world for fifty years.


Water feeds many, many families around the world. Its use for lucrative purposes has been going on for as long as the world has existed. From it live those who sail, those who cultivate, those who raise animals and those who cake and transport it. Also those who package it and use it in the transformation and manufacture of raw materials. And, of course, those who catch fish. And it is precisely fishing that we are going to deal with in today’s article,

Although sport fishing (with or without death), for the relaxation and satisfaction of its practitioners is widespread in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and seas, it is fishing for profit that concerns us today.

Recently, we read an interesting article about today’s Nile fishermen in Egypt. Descendants of generations of people who have in the extraction of the fish species of such a majestic river their ancestral way of surviving. Heirs of ancestral practices that are transmitted from father to son in an endless chain of knowledge and professional experience. An artisan trade that has fed countless families since time immemorial.

What is the tiger fish?

The tiger fish, an African predatory fish that jumps out of the water and hunts birds in mid-flight, was filmed in action for the first time. … The tiger fish is a freshwater predator best known for its long, sharp teeth.

How many types of marlin fish are there?

With respect to the true billfishes, the scientific family Istiophoridae, fortunately, we are only dealing with nine species: blue marlinblack marlin, striped marlin, white marlin, sailfish, longnose marlin, shortnose marlin, Mediterranean marlin, and roundnose marlin.

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How big can a marlin fish be?

Description. Makaira nigricans has an elongated body, measuring between 1.80 and 3 m in length, although exceptionally individuals of more than 4 m are observed. In terms of weight, there is a great difference between the sexes: females weigh more than 450 kg, while males do not usually exceed 160 kg.

The second largest fish in the world is caught

José Luis and Juan Carlos, who were fishing as they do every day just twelve miles from the port of Ribadesella, had no idea that their longline had hooked a fish of dimensions never seen before in the area. The expectation is enormous in the town, where some time ago a swordfish weighing seven kilograms was caught and was already a big event.

The news spread quickly through Ribadesella and yesterday dozens of people came to the fish market in Ribadesella to see the fish and take pictures. The rula was witness to all kinds of comments and the scene of dozens of photographs. Some even took snapshots hugging the animal and lamented its end: “Probín, how would it get hooked,” wondered one of those present.

What is the heaviest fish in the world?

The ocean sunfish (Mola mola) is a pelagic tetraodontiform fish of the Molidae family. It is the heaviest bony fish in the world, weighing an average of 1000 kg and with specimens reaching more than three meters in length and exceeding two tons.

What is swordfish called?

Also called Emperor, Marlinshark, Marrajo, Espadarte, Moro or Mako. This blue fish is a bony and saltwater fish.

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How many swordfish are there in the world?

Of the more than 25,000 bony fish species, only about 22 are known to have the ability to maintain their body temperature above water temperature, including marlins, tunas and some shark species (families Lamnidae and Alopidae).

Surubí of 70kg!!!!!!!

End of breakfast, you hear the fishing guides shout “we are ready”. The moment of truth has arrived, you have traveled from far away lands to check if they are as big as many say. Once you are in the boat and start heading to the base of the imposing Uraima Falls (only 5 minutes away), you start fishing in a place called the big lagoon, where the water is totally black, deep and you can appreciate and feel the turbulence created by the rocks down at the bottom of the river. What will come out of that deep darkness? Good question …