What should you not tell a recruiter?


We have already recommended what to say, what to ask and how to behave in an interview; now we give you some phrases that you should NOT say to the recruiter if you want to keep the job.  The basic rule for a job interview is to be yourself; and although we all make mistakes in job interviews, (some of them without realizing it), there are some phrases you should avoid saying, as they communicate distrust, arrogance, arrogance, arrogance and negativity. “I have no flaws.”

Denotes arrogance and dishonesty; we are human beings and by nature we have flaws. When asked about your biggest flaw, answer honestly, followed by an action you are doing to work on it.

Badmouthing your former employer or boss makes a very bad impression. If you were not on the best of terms, were fired or had problems with your former boss, it is best not to mention them in your next interviews.

What things should not be said in a job interview?

When you are asked about your shortcomings, among the things you should not say in a job interview, this is one of the main ones: if you are asked to talk about your weaknesses, it is okay not to talk about those that are directly related to the job, but never mention a virtue by disguising it as a …

What words not to say in an interview?

Dedicated, motivated, team player: It is not advisable to use the words from your resume or phrases in your resume. Besides the fact that these words are overused in interviews, it is more important to share an example of some work experience.

What to do if I did poorly in a job interview?

“When an unforeseen event arises, it is advisable to contact the interviewer as soon as possible, apologizing and commenting that you will not be able to arrive at the scheduled time. This will give the interviewer the opportunity to reschedule the interview or anticipate a delay.

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No two job interviews are the same. Each interviewer has his or her own way of getting to know the applicants, methods and strategies for ascertaining the suitability of each and choosing the best one for the job. That is why it is so difficult to know what the interview will consist of and how to prepare for it.

The resume is important, of course, but our personality is just as important, if not more so. Since it is impossible to guess what kind of worker we are from a piece of paper, the recruiter will use the interview to get to know us a little better as people.

One of the things a recruiter values most is teamwork, the ability to work side by side without disregarding the opinions of others. Therefore, it is always advisable that you emphasize this question, but make it clear that you can also organize and perform on your own.

This is one of the trick questions in the job interview, in which you can’t decide between the two. If you answer that you consider yourself a leader, it may seem that you don’t know how to take orders from a superior; if you answer that you identify with a subordinate, it denotes very little ambition on your part. The solution? Praise the virtues of both.

What is important to say in a job interview?

It is useful to have information about the vacant position, about what the employer is looking for, for example: what are the duties and responsibilities of the position, what are the required skills, if you have staff in charge, if you have a direct boss or to whom you answer and how much is paid in the market for a position …

How can you say no to a promotion?

You should be direct, polite and raise all your doubts. If you believe you are not the right person for the position you should be frank with the person who applied you for the position and let them know. You should always thank them for putting you forward as a candidate and explain the reasons why you cannot take the position.

What to answer because I am the ideal candidate for the position?

“I am excited about the possibilities your company offers. I would like to be a part of your success in the future and want to help you grow through.” “This position offers exactly the type of challenges and responsibilities I am looking for and is a perfect fit with my skills and experience.”

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Trick questions II: What do you like about our company?

One of the goals of every recruiter is to make you feel comfortable so that you let loose and let some of your personality shine through. However, as a job seeker, if you get too relaxed you may make a mistake that could lose you the job. Although the recruiter is not the final decision maker in a recruitment process, they have a lot of say in which candidates they will present to their clients or superiors and the recommendations they will make to them. Therefore, even though you may connect with the recruiter, it is important that you maintain a professional attitude and avoid saying these things:

If you’re looking for a transit job to keep you afloat between a previous job and a more stable future job, don’t comment on it. Recruiters are looking for candidates who are committed to their job and to the company. Therefore, insinuating that it’s not the job you’re looking for could put you out of the selection process.

Forget about badmouthing your previous employer in a job interview or in a casual conversation with an employer. Obviously, they will ask you why you left your previous job or what makes you want to pursue a new job opportunity, but don’t take it as an invitation to air all your frustrations with the company. It wouldn’t speak well of you.

What to say in a job interview at a bank?

What was your specific position, did you work in an office or in front of the public, did you lead a team together with other workers? All these questions could come up in your interview for a bank job.

What questions do they ask you in a job interview?

Why are you interested in this job and this company? You will most likely be asked this question, so use it to showcase your knowledge of the company, its history, vision, principles and values. Explain how you would fit into the company and how your qualities are right for the job.

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What does a job promotion entail?

Promotions are one of the best indicators of professional growth. … It also represents the challenge of having to grow personally and professionally in order to fulfill the responsibilities that your new position brings. After all, a more senior position implies greater responsibilities.

How to answer the question “How much do you want to earn?

Keep in mind that it is the recruiter who will speak after the candidate to recommend him/her, or not, for a specific vacancy. For this reason, although you can be relaxed and natural, you should not lose the professionalism and seriousness required during a selection process.

Many times, candidates come to the selection process knowing in advance that they are not going to accept the position. The reason is understandable: they do not want to close future doors. In spite of this, do not tell the recruiter because they will feel frustrated for wasting their time and effort.

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