What to use to hang records on the wall?

Fake vinyl records

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How to hang vinyl on the wall?

Measure: Measure the area where you want your vinyl and mark with masking tape so you have a straight guide to place the vinyl. Place: Place the vinyl on the wall in the final position you want, stick it to the wall with the masking tape and make sure it is fixed.

How do I remove the vinyl from the wall?

Use cotton or a cloth to dip it in acetone and rub it on the sticker label. Wait 5 minutes for the glue to soften. Remove the glue with paper. Finally, wash the treated wall area with a damp cloth to remove the acetone and leave the surface completely clean.

How to apply an adhesive vinyl?

Place the vinyl on the surface where you want to place it, place it in the position you like, and stick a maximum of 5 to 10 cm from the top of your vinyl, help yourself with the plastic tape to place the vinyl while you verify that everything is fine and where you would like it to be.

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How to make vinyl records to decorate

Old vinyl records that you store on your shelves can be reused in your home but now with a completely different use: as decorative objects. Vinyl records are perfect items to decorate your home by turning them into magazine racks, plate racks or fun ceiling mobiles. At unComo we want you to join the fever of recycled decoration by telling you how to decorate with vinyl records, a trend that will make your home look with its own essence.

You can also take advantage of vinyl records and create a mobile, a decorative element that is placed on ceilings or doors to create a sound and a relaxing effect. The idea is to get a few vinyl records (between 5 or 10) and hang them from a support with the help of a thread. As you can see in the image, the result is very original.

Another way to decorate with vinyl records is to use them as shelves or magazine racks. The trick is to hang them on the wall semi-folded and at a short distance, in this way, you can place the magazines without them falling and creating a perfect space for them to hold well. This is a fun way to create original shelves with vinyl records and make the most of the space.

What to do with old vinyl records?

When recycled, vinyl plastic is used for a lot of things. Containers, pipes, plastic food packages, clothing, medicine blisters and even window frames can be made.

How to order vinyl records?

The ideal is to store your discs vertically using a shelf, box or drawer. In addition to avoiding the problems mentioned above, you will also preserve the outside of the disc better.

How do you know if a vinyl is in good condition?

2.-Focus on the brightness of the disc.

“A dull disc is synonymous with a reeled disc,” he says. If you put the disc in the light, you will easily notice the bluish sparkle of a well-maintained disc. The same if you run your finger along the grooves and notice some strange relief, perhaps less noticeable to the naked eye.

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How to paste vinyl wall stickers

Every day more and more people use wall decoration with printed vinyls, they fill the walls with color and atmosphere. They are used at home, in stores, offices, etc. They are a very quick way to give a different look to spaces but the idea of putting them stops many people. It seems a complicated job but with the following tips will make you want to put vinyl on all the walls of your home.

That’s it! You already have your printed vinyl stuck on the wall, now that you have seen how easy it is, you can get excited to put the ones you want.    If you want to paste your vinyl on a glass you can see our article with the easiest way to place it, go to place vinyl on glass.

How do I know if a vinyl is scratched?

To know if a disc is scratched without listening to it, the trick is to run your finger over its surface. If the scratches you see are palpable, the record will jump. A disc can have many superficial scratches but listen well, although the normal thing in these cases is that it is listened with “fried”.

How to remove vinyl without damaging the wall?

The best way to loosen the glue and prevent it from sticking to the wall after removing a vinyl is to apply heat to it. It is always easier to remove a sticker from a smooth surface such as glass, steel or lacquered paint.

What can be done with adhesive vinyl?

Usually adhesive vinyls are used to create outdoor graphics for advertising purposes, although it is not really its only utility, also in other cases it can be used to decorate walls, windows and other areas of an office or home and to create floor tiles because the adhesive adheres to almost …

How to make vinyl records with cd

Do you have empty walls in your living room that you don’t know how to give personality to? Decorating them with your vinyl records becomes a way to kill two birds with one stone. That if, you must find a way to do it that allows you to take any of them comfortably when you want and enjoy it.

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One of the easiest and most economical ways to organize the vinyls and decorate your walls at the same time is to use shelves. And these can be of different types, as we wanted to illustrate in the image that we hope will serve as inspiration.

We can, for example, place the vinyls on some shelves of work along with our favorite books or decorative objects. If your collection is not very large it is a way to give it prominence and if it is, a good alternative to highlight your favorites, which may change over time.

You can also hang vinyl records on the wall as if they were paintings. You will find different ways to do it, some more practical than others. Some people choose to hang only the covers with washi tape. It is a simple and economical option but it presents a problem; you will have to find another place to store and protect the vinyl.