What to use to put vinyls on the wall?

Wall decals for bedrooms

Every day more and more people use wall decoration with printed vinyls, they fill the walls with color and atmosphere. They are used at home, in stores, offices, etc. They are a very quick way to give a different look to the spaces but the idea of putting them stops many people. It seems a complicated job but with the following tips will make you want to put vinyl on all the walls of your home.

That’s it! You already have your printed vinyl stuck on the wall, now that you’ve seen how easy it is, you can get excited to put the ones you want.    If you want to paste your vinyl on a glass you can see our article with the easiest way to place it, go to place vinyl on glass.

How do I keep the vinyl from peeling off the wall?

In order not to peel off the vinyl when overlapping different layers, it is important that you use materials with similar properties, i.e. if the vinyl carrier film is removed cold, you should use other vinyls that are also removed at low temperature, for example.

How to apply an adhesive vinyl?

Place the vinyl on the surface where you want to place it, place it in the position you like, and stick a maximum of 5 to 10 cm from the top of your vinyl, help yourself with the plastic tape to place the vinyl while you verify that everything is ok and where you would like it to be.

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What can be done with adhesive vinyl?

Usually adhesive vinyls are used to create outdoor graphics for advertising purposes, although it is not really its only utility, also in other cases it can be used to decorate walls, windows and other areas of an office or home and to create floor tiles because the adhesive adheres to almost …

How long do wall decals last

May302017Would you like to have all your stickers organized and always ready to use? These 15 ideas to organize vinyl stickers will help you find the one that best suits your space.

When you use stickers for your wall decals or stencils made with the Silhouette, there comes a time when you no longer know how to organize them so that they are tidy and do not get wrinkled.

These practical ideas will inspire you to find the perfect solution for your home. Whether hanging on the wall, behind a door, inside a piece of furniture or using recycled objects, you will be able to organize your vinyls and keep them in perfect condition.

These containers that are usually used to store plastic bags, will be very practical when it comes to storing your stickers. They can be placed on the wall, behind a door or inside a closet and take up very little space.

Undoubtedly, this idea is the easiest when adapting a bookcase or closet to store our vinyls. It is only necessary to place some horizontal rods to arrange the rolls vertically and keep them in order.

Where can I stick the vinyl?

Where can vinyls be applied… They can be applied to any flat, smooth surface including painted and papered walls, tiles, plaster, smooth concrete, wood, metals, plastic, mirrors, doors and glass.

How to stick a vinyl on a rough wall?

Place the vinyl on the wall. Remember that this is a task that requires more patience than on a smooth surface. Then, with the help of a cloth, gently rub the vinyl so that it adheres better to the wall. Then remove the transparent paper and carefully slide it down.

What to do when the vinyl peels off?

Heat gunning the corners can work. We also use spray glue for when it persists.

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Home depot wall decals

Wall decals are decorative elements that allow you to give a new look to the walls of your home. With these stickers, you can change your walls from plain colors, stucco or sponge effects, to themed, modern or classic surfaces, and installing them is very easy! In unComo.com we explain how to place decorative vinyl. Clean and dry your walls and avoid dust or moisture to spoil the finish. Follow the following tips and decorate the walls of your house easily with vinyl.

As you remove the silicone paper you must press the wall to fix the vinyl. You can help yourself with a cloth. It is recommended that you go from the center to the outside, thus you will remove wrinkles or bubbles that are formed. If they remain on the transparent paper, it does not matter, because it will be removed later.

Remove the protractor. Do it little by little and check that the adhesive is free of wrinkles. If when removing the transparent paper there are any bubbles, prick them with a needle or pin. Then wipe the surface again.

How do I keep the vinyl from peeling off the glass?

Moisten the part of the vinyl with glue. Place the vinyl on the glass. Position the vinyl with guides and make sure it is well positioned. Drag the air bubbles down with the spatula.

How to remove a vinyl from the wall and reattach it?

A trick to help us in the task of removing the adhesive vinyl is to use a hair dryer. For it is necessary to go pulling softly at the same time that we apply heat with the hair dryer on the face of the adhesive. In this way it is obtained to soften it to be able to take off more easily.

How do you put vinyl on glass?

Check that the surface is perfectly clean. Measure: Measure the area where you want your vinyl and mark with masking tape so you have a straight guide to place the vinyl. Spray: Spray the area with the mixture of water and soap. Place and peel: Place the vinyl on the glass against the glass.

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How to put vinyl on kitchen wall

Oct302017Adhesive vinyl is a very versatile material with which you can renew your decoration in an economical way. However, not all vinyls are the same. To decide which one you should use in each project, do not miss this guide with the types of adhesive vinyl you need to renovate your home.

Surely on many occasions you have wondered what type of vinyl is best suited to do a particular DIY or decorating job. There is a wide variety of adhesive vinyls with which you can cover furniture, insulate windows or print on fabric.  In this practical guide I will focus on the stickers that I usually use, as they are the ones I know best.

The colored adhesive vinyl can be found with matte or gloss finish and can be purchased by the meter. It is the one that is usually used to cover furniture and also to make decorative vinyl for walls.

The black or green slate adhesive vinyl is usually thicker than the colored adhesive vinyl. Its main feature is that you can write with chalk on it. In addition, it is very easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth.